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Creme de le Mer Review

Hi Lovelies, 

So we've all heard of it haven't we? Creme de la Mer, a rather expensive treat for the skin that is heralded to be the secret of skin youth and beauty from the sea. 

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The Creme de la Mer Back Story

The Creme de la Mer story started 12 years and 6,000 experiments earlier when aerospace physicist Dr Max Huber unlocked a concoction of fermented, nutrient-rich ingredients which visibly restored the skin. Well, sounds good so far! And what did he call this potion you ask... his 'Miracle Broth'. I'm not going to dwell on that of course... filthy minds the lot of you haha. 

At £108 for a pot of this dream cream it is far from a 'fling fix' alternative to your usual brand as you stroll down the isles at Superdrug! At £108 a girls had to have done their research, prepared themselves mentally for the risk that it may be the answer to all their skin-based prayers and have made their peace with that. And ladies... that's exactly what I did! 

I'd know about Creme de la Mer purely by chance. It cropped up in hand cream form on the desk of a fellow marketing exec in a job I'd been in about three years ago. She'd lather the stuff on her hands and rave about how young hands are important, how this stuff was so so expensive but totally worth it and finally (the key bit) about how her friend used it and her hands were insanely beautiful and wrinkle-free. 

I immediately Googled the product, as we all would right? What followed was a mini fit at my desk when I saw the price. Back then I wasn't earning too much and the thought of not eating for a week but having nice hands swayed my desire to purchase. Through hard work and a touch of fate I've seen my career blossom a little allowing me to divulge in a special treat purchase from time to time. 

And so, I was desperate to test out this miracle cream for myself. 

I browsed their website at and, after a bit of reading opted for 30ml of the Ultra Rich and Dewy Finish Moisturizing Cream for the Face. The website explains the secret to the cream is in activating its renewing power and benefits through a ritual of warming the cream for a few seconds between fingertips (and the white cream turning translucent) before applying gently by pressing into the skin. 

What I also liked about the website was that, along with my face cream, I also got to choose three other different products in sample size. I've since been onto the website and they have another array of freebies so it seems that you always get at least one extra treat in some form for your payout. It eased the £100+ blow for me at least! 

I've got to say, the more you spend the more excited you are. Pathetic I know but its true. So for the few days I had to wait until it arrived I was super excited to try it out. It was packaged beautifully. It felt special. 

All about Creme de la Mer and the Results 

My cream and little spatula haven't left the box they came in since I got it. It sits there so cutely and I just have to pull of the box to get to the cream. I like that... too many boxes get thrown away. I like packaging as you well know! 

Do I use the little spatula? No, I think it's pretty pointless! 

Do I always warm the cream between my fingertips? Not once. My face is pretty warm right? 

Do I pat it only my skin gently? There is nothing slow and gentle about my approach to skincare. Quick & lazy all the way... the harder you rub it in the better it works right? 

However, do I love this product? Gosh yes! I honestly do. The word 'love' often gets thrown around too frivolously but, I must say, I do. 
So much so that in fact would I buy it again? Yes, I definitely would and I intend to when this pot runs out. 

Why do I rate it? Although a small and expensive pot of cream it only take a little bit to go a long way. It smells lovely and feels silky and the best part it hydrates my combination skin literally perfectly. No greasy patches or dry patches, no feeling like you're wearing a layer of cream on your face half an hour after applying. It absorbs quickly and perfectly. 

The results? Well, I'm 27 years old, so although I could claim to have the tiniest forehead wrinkles really it's just about maintaining and caring for my skin at the moment. And in those terms I feel Creme de la Mer does that brilliantly. A combination of improved diet, exercise and Creme de la Mer skincare has given me lovely glowing skin and calmed my combination (rogue spotty) skin!

Are you sold?

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  1. Has anybody tried or can recommend roscara the wild irish seaweed cream ?

  2. Heya Geoff, thanks for stopping by. I'm afraid I haven't tried that yet. If you do give it a go let me know how you get on!

    Love LC xx

  3. I have been using Creme de la Mer for awhile now and love it! I do use the spatula as I find it helps me measure a little at a time (as that is all you really need). As for the warming the creme between the fingertips part, I never use to do this until I watched their video online so I tried it, and I noticed it did make a difference when applying it. Well worth the expensive price tag in my opinion.

    Have a nice weekend,

    1. Heya Kim, Thanks so much for dropping by :) I will have to stop being such a lazybum in that case! I will try warming it between my fingertips on your recommendation thank you :) xxxxx

  4. I completely agree with you when you say the harder you rub it in, the better it works! Haha. I have always wanted to try this until I read that the Nivea Creme was a £2 dupe for it but I just find it is so god damn greasy! I still really want to try this, even if the price does make me want to cry. Then again, we only get one face! x
    Louise |

    1. I did exactly the same, tried the Nivea blue tub cream but it was too greasy for me aswell... and just so thick! Atleast you can get your money back with Creme de la mer if you're not satisfied I guess? It is insane amount of money though I agree! xxx


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