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GUEST POST: Sarah from Tiny Touch Surrey

The Importance of Nurturing Touch

Human beings love to feel loved.  Having physical contact with another Human Being is as important to our wellbeing as the food we eat.  To be touched is to feel loved, and this brings with it security and nourishment for the body and soul. 

Nurturing touch to a baby, is even more of a necessity towards feeling loved and secure, and acts as acknowledgement of their need to be held and comforted.  This in turn helps their brain and organs to develop in a healthy way, balancing out stress hormones and invoking a sense of calm. 

I have the amazing honour of sharing the benefits of nurturing touch through Baby Massage courses with parents and carers in Surrey, and I have seen over 400 families strengthen their bond through massage.

Baby Massage is often the first class that parents attend with their babies. It encourages new parents to leave their house when they are ready, to meet other like-minded carers in a safe environment where they can share similar experiences as they embark upon parenthood together. 

The massage routine incorporates Indian and Swedish techniques, reflexology and elements of baby yoga, all coming together to aid the healthy development of your baby as they grow.  The massage invokes a sense of calm so that your baby is encouraged to have a deeper more relaxed sleep; it assists with symptoms of gas/colic and reflux and aids digestion; helps to flush toxins out of the body; stimulates healthy blood flow and the development of muscles; helps to reduce umbilical hernia; aids the release of oxytocin in parents and their baby (otherwise known as the love hormone) and most importantly allows you and your baby to spend quality time getting to know one another, strengthening the bond between you. 

Massaging your baby helps you to familiarise with every coo and gurgle, every freckle and frown, every wriggle and facial expression that your baby performs, giving you confidence in your approach to their needs and with how you hold and comfort your baby.  You feel empowered with skills that help your baby when they experience tummy discomfort and that answers their emotional needs.  Quite a feat of achievement given initially we have no idea what their cries mean or just what it is they want from us at any given moment.

As a new parent we are all doing our absolute best, and that is all that really matters.  Whether we’re overjoyed with our new arrival, or overwhelmed with our new life and all it brings, we all need the same thing – and that is to be reassured that we are doing a great job and to have the support of those around us.

Joining a class with your baby can be one way to finding a support network, so if you haven’t already found an individual or group of people with whom you can share parenthood, then I would highly recommend joining a baby class.  After all……. we are all in it together - for the long haul!

Sarah Millist is a Certified Infant Massage Instructor with the IAIM – The only worldwide organisations solely dedicated to Baby Massage.   She is also a Toddle Talk Baby Sign Language teacher and teacher of Monkey Music.

To find out more about Baby Massage with Sarah, visit her Tiny Touch Surrey facebook page: or email her at:

Monday, December 2

Christmas Party ready with Femme Luxe Finery GIFTED

Hi chickies,

Merry Christmas! It's officially December so I'm allowed to say that. I'm a 'Christmas tree up the second it turns December' kinda girl so I'm extremely excited around this time of year. 

I love all the merriment of Christmas and how it brings people together. Speaking of get-togethers, I have two big Christmas parties I'm planning for this year. 

Savannah Beige Femme Luxe One Shoulder Dress

The first is my NCT group. All the girls are going out for dinner and drinks, followed by copious cocktails and hopefully some merry dancing. As I am usually covered in baby food and baby snot I'm desperate to glam up and Femme Lux Finery had just the dress!

I've never been a huge fan of shopping online for dresses. I like to see them up close, try them on then and there without worrying about returns and feel the quality so I wasn't a little out of my comfort zone when Femme Luxe Finery kindly allowed me to choose some Christmas party dresses as a gift. 

I'm a new mum of an 8 month old and my figure DEFINITELY doesn't look anything like the gorgeous skinny model showing off the dresses on their website. 'She could make a bin bag look hot' I thought to myself. 

However, I finally decided on something a little longer and hopefully well fitting.

I must say I was a little skeptical, so I was totally shocked by the incredible quality of the two dresses I received. They were lined, thick and luxurious to the touch. 

I'm so so pleased with this beautiful caramel silky one shouldered dress. I felt a million dollars in it!

Paired with an on trend leopard print head band and matching killer heels I danced the night away at the NCT mum's Christmas dinner.

Emerald Green Femme Luxe Bardot Dress

My second big Christmas party is my husband's work Christmas do. I go every year and it's always a great event. It's usually black tie so again, I need to dress to impress and Femme Lux delivered. 

Usually I opt for a red dress and Christmas but I LOVE this emerald green. It's a gorgeous festive colour but not so generic as as my usual choice of red. I'd be surprised if anyone else rocked up in emerald green but they'll always be a few other ladies wearing red at a Christmas party. 

The bardot style adds extra glamour with my hair in curls and I love the sleeve detail too. The length is demure, perfect for looking respectable in front of your husband's boss! But the gathered detail accross the silky stretch fabric is still sexy as well as flattering. 

Any post-baby lumps and bumps were hidden nicely. That had to do with the thickness of the material and the lining. As I said, I was very impressed with the quality! This dress was my favourite of the two and I would definitely buy some more dresses from Femme Luxe now. 

And the best bit? They were both stretchy, so totally comfortable, even after a three course meal and drinks. Glamour and comfort - what more could a new mum ask for!

Not got your Christmas party dress yet? You can shop Femme Luxe Finery Christmas Party dresses now. 


Tuesday, November 12

Top 5 Christmas Gift Ideas for New Mums

Christmas is fast approaching, and as a new mum myself I thought it appropriate to give you a little insight into what new mums really want for Christmas!

Here are my Top 5 'mum wants' this Christmas

1. New mums want time

Think about it. It used to be just little ol' you and now every waking hour is spent with your gorgeous bub. Both incredible and knackering at the same time! As someone who likes their own personal space and 'alone time' this is a top gift for any mum.

Perfect Christmas gifts are beauty treatment vouchers, paid for childminders or even a spa weekend away! 

If that all sounds a little too pricey, something as simple as some beauty masks and scented candles would work. It's all about letting them know that mums are allowed time for themselves.

2. New mums want to regain a sense of themselves 

So many new mums I've spoken to have said that when their baby came along they lost a sense of themselves. 

Their body had changed, their priorities had changed and there wasn't the time to do all those things they used to do. That's tough. 

A new item of clothing that fits with their new mum status is a good gift idea. 

Mother Knows Best have a range of cute mum slogan tops and sweats and offer free shipping worldwide on ETSY.

If your mama is still breastfeeding a good quality breastfeeding top or dress would also be a lovely treat. JoJo Maman Bebe does a beautiful range, as does Seraphine. Search for 'nursing' clothing. 

3. Mums want to rock motherhood

It's tough, it's knackering but it's also the BEST THING EVER. As they say, there ain't no hood like motherhood!

So give a gift that lets your mama shout it from the roof tops. 

Twinning is so on trend right now - and what better way to embrace motherhood than to match with your little mini me! 

MKB's Etsy shop MotherKnowsBestUK has a number of different nautical breton style striped mama and mini outfits as well as tops in grey and white so that babies can match their mummies. 

It's all about Happy Mama, Happy baby!

4. New mums want a some luxury

Having sick, poop and baby boogers down your tee-shirt every day kinda cramps a gals 'glam-style'. If you're wife, sister, bestie or which ever mum you're buying for, loved the finer things in life then this is a great gift theme. 

The trouble is that luxury means different things to different mommas. It might be chocolates and champers or spa days and botox! Here are a few ideas that are bound to get a thumbs up from the mummy in your life. 

Hotel Chocolat sell delicious luxury chocolates. The below box retails at £22.99 and would be a special gift for any chocolate lover. 

5. Mums love anything that makes the daily job of raising their child easier 

Ok, so not technically a gift for a mum (that's why it's last) but still an important gift idea! These items may come in pricier too so could work as a 'mum and me' gift idea, covering both mum and child. 

With this Christmas gift idea we're thinking an annual pass to a children's soft play or farm (easy go-to play places for frazzled mums and they usually serve coffee!). 

National Trust membership gives you free access to over 500 beautiful places around the country. 

For mums with babies that are under 1 a good gift could be baby-proofing kits and playpens for the home (the number of times I've had to stop what I'm doing to drag my son away from something dangerous, this gift would be a blessing!)

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