Monday, May 30

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Watch out this Summer?

I have been a lover of analogue watches for as long as I can remember and have an ever growing collection of various styles, sizes and branded watches. To me, watches are part of an outfit, not just a fashion accessory really. I think my love for watches began when I was little, those Fick and Flack watches were so adorable and it’s what I learnt to tell the time on so they really take me back…many, many years! Anyway, my point here being, it was back then with these old and simple watches that started my passion for analogue watches.

I have never really used a digital wrist watch, they just look so ugly, I much prefer the ‘proper’ ones! Over the years my collection has grown pretty big but watches to me are part of an outfit or at least an accessory to an outfit so I have all kinds - chunky watches, men’s watches, beautifully simple and elegant style watches…if it’s been made, I probably have that style somewhere in my collection!

In my search for beautiful watches I have come across so really great places to buy branded watches at really low prices or places that offer huge discounts, one of which is the DiscountWatchStore based in the US (they do ship to the UK too for very cheap). The reason I like this company so much is partly down to the huge discounts they offer but also the vast range they have on offer; from really well known brands like - Michael Kors, DKNY & Kate Spade to the not so famous brands, but still gorgeous in their own way - Bulova, Casio and Invicta. I don’t think you can be a true watch collector without having a Casio somewhere in your collection!

In case you are based in the UK and would rather buy from the UK (makes sense), another really great watch shop that I use often is the House of Watches website. OK so they aren’t as discounted as the American company but they do still offer a fab range of watches; from Daniel Wellington (who seems to have taken over Instagram photos with bloggers lately) to super brands such as Gucci. The House of Watches brand range from below £30 to a staggering £1,000! One of these days I will be able to get myself a £1,000 watch without crying or totally breaking the bank!

Because I have so many watches, I thought I would show you one of my favourites and how I would wear it as an outfit. This watch is actually from the DiscountWatchStore and is one of their Invicta watches. Yes, as Rose Gold is ‘in’ at the moment, it only seemed right that I showed you one their gorgeous rose gold watches. It is quite big and chunky watch but it’s soo pretty and worn with an outfit like the below image would look just stunning! I also have quite a few men’s watches in my collection. I love how fashion accessories can totally change the look and feel to an outfit so easily and yes, even something as small as a watch can change the look and feel too.

Also, this kind of watch is great if, like me, you have tiny wrists and need to remove a lot of the links to make it fit! My local jeweller knows me really well after the millions of watches I have had to take to them to get fixed over the years!

I hope this has given you some inspiration for new looks and thinking outside the box when it comes to accessories. I also really hope that with more bloggers and vloggers seemly talking about and posting photos of gorgeous new analogue watches on their social media accounts, the digital age, when it comes to watches anyway, will be stopped and analogue will come back again!
Vote Analogue!!

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    1. Thank you lovelies! I do love an analogue watch. Check out for more of Becky's posts :)

  2. Such a lovely watch! It's so feminine and delicate! x

    1. I totally agree! Becky has good taste! xx

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    1. My pleasure, thanks for stopping by!


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