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Garnier Fiery Red 6.60 Hair Dye: Before and After

Hiya Sweetpeas,

I've been getting a lot of people interested in finding out a bit more about the Garnier Fiery Red 6.60 Hair Dye I use. I posted back in May about dying my naturally dark brown hair bright pillar box red again but in particular you want to know the before and after results.

Original Garnier Fiery Red 6.60 Hair Dye Post 

Above is the before and after results. It's a pretty good before and after as before dying my hair red I had NEVER dyed my hair before... insane I know as now I'm addicted hehe.

So the colour brown you see there is my natural colour. I occasionally used a product called 'Sun In' which you can buy in Superdrug which, when sprayed on a heated with a hair dryer, lightens your hair a little in the places sprayed. I did this to get a bit more depth and highlights into my hair but not very often.

The red colour you see is from my first aplication of Garnier Fiery Red 6.60 Hair Dye. As you can see the colour is brilliant and bright and has slightly lightened by hair because of the peroxide in it.

The red is very bright in the sun but more toned down inside or under natural light which is also good for work. However, like any red colour it does wash out and fade quickly, this bright red won't stay for too long and I wouldn't recommend re-dying very soon due to hair damage.

What I did find was that as the dye faded my hair changed to different colour reds and people would re-compliment me asking if I have redyed my hair. So the fading out process isn't all too bad.

I have thick, fine hair down to the middle of my back and it currently takes only one hair dye kit to dye the whole of my hair. Though if you do have longer hair I would recommend buying two kits as I have to be very precise and stringent with application.

Too any girlies thinking of going red... do it! it's brilliant fun and yep, brunettes can do it too... I'm the living proof hehehe xxxx

Love LC


  1. Where can I get this hair dye at? I been trying to look for it at CVS target stator bros etc and I seem to can't find it anywhere :/

    1. Hi, if your in the US the closest to this shade would be the R3 i'm UK based and it seems from lots of digging these two shades are the most so much easier if they kept them all the same! also a great way to keep red looking fresh I use Revlon nutri color creme in 600 (fire red) it's a conditioner which deposits colour..totally amazing and left hair feeling super shiny! :-)

  2. Hmmm, I'm too sure I'm sorry. It sounds like you're searching for it in the US and I'm UK based. I buy mine from Tescos but I don't know if that's much help!

    Good luck in your search xx

  3. how long did it take before it started to fade and your roots started to come through?:) xxxx

  4. Heya,

    As it's such a vibrant red it does fade very quickly. With each wash the colour slightly fades. However, this did work to my advantage as people kept asking me if I had redyed my hair or changed the colour again as it kept changing!

    I think the roots showing through depends on how fast your hair grows. My roots started to show through after about 3 weeks I think. But because the dye was fading by that stage it wasn't so contrasted against the red.

    :) xx

  5. i have used this hair dye since i was 13 and it is amazing! after a month or so your hair starts going a ginger colour but it litterally amazing. as a person with naturally dark auburn hair its great to make it BRIGHT red!


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