Monday, April 11

Top 5 Summer Getaway Essentials

Hi beauties, 

Holiday lettings company HomeAway challenged me to list only 5 of my very top weekend getaway essentials. It was just as tricky as it sounds... if you're anything like me you'll believe 20 cosmetic brushes as well as the kitchen sink as all vital items to bring along with you!

Even so, I managed it. I'm chuffed! And here's what I'd take, if I really could only pick 5 essential things. 

Top 5 essentials for Summer getaways are... 

1. A good sunscreen - looking after your skin in the sun is so important. I generally opt for a high factor on my face and a factor 30 for the rest of my body. I'll be wearing sun block stripes on my cheeks as I surf in Bali! 

2. On the theme of sun, my next essential is a pair of on-trend sunglasses. I have a gorgeous pair of Versace shades with big wide lenses which make me feel extra glam! 

3. A twist up tinted lip balm to keep your lips pretty as well as moisturised. Make sure its a twist up too... sandy fingers make lip balm pots hellish. 

4. a sand-to-sundown maxi dress. Easy to throw on, use as a prop up pillow or keep you looking gorgeous as you leave the beach for a lazy lunch. 

5. A selection of hair ties, bands and grips. Long haired lovelies will no what I mean! The sea and sand are not your friends. Pair your hair accessories with some conditioning hair spray to appease your locks to keep them supple and well and truly tamed. 

What would you pick? Anything I've blatantly missed off the list ladies?

I'm so so so excited, as Boyf and I are off to Bali in August for 2 weeks. These items will certainly be in my beach bag.. just need to get the rest of my luggage sorted eeek!

Check out this insanely gorgeous hotel in Bali on HomeAway... I think we might be booking!




  1. Those are all good things to bring!! Maybe a hat too :-)

    1. You're totally right, a hat is missing! :) thanks for stopping by xxxx


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