Monday, October 10

Shadow Switch Review

Hi lovelies,

I'm so pleased to be able to tell you about a new beauty aid product that was sent to me the other day by Beauty Essentials.

Let me introduce you to Shadow Switch the neat little tool that lets you dry clean your make up brushes in seconds. The cute little tin contains a scouring sponge that is washable and re-usable and in a few sweeps of your brush on the sponge it is clean again. How simple is that right. It's as light-weight as you'd imagine too so just perfect for popping into your make up bag on trips.

Over the years I've gathered an impressive collection of eye shadow brushes and kept a strict 'colour type' policy for them so as to avoid the dreaded colour-merge (especially important when going from darker shades to lights as I've experienced a little too often than I care to say #clownface). Yup, that means I have a specific brush that has only been in a long term monogamous marriage with my MAC Shroom eye shadow.

This works perfectly when you're home and can stand in front of truck-load of makeup - not so good however, when you're travelling. This is really when Shadow Switch works a dream.

Quick, easy and super cute. Shadow Switch quite literally, does what it says on the tin! (sorry I couldn't resist)

Buy your dry brush cleaner from Amazon for £5.99 including free delivery now.




  1. This sounds good! May have to have a little look at this on amazon xx

  2. Such a great idea and perfect for travel!

    xx Yasmin


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