Saturday, November 24

Keeping my Cosmetics Tidy

Hiya Chickee-dees! :)

I have so so so much make up and so, to try and keep in in some form of order I bought myself this gorgeous Ruby and Millie Travel Vanity Case in Cream aggeess ago. Sadly it seems Ruby and Millie were discontinued at Boots in February this year after 13 years of great products. So I think if you want to pick one of these up it might have to be through eBay.

I'm one of those people who gets a kick out of organisation though, oh and I love a bit of stationery (everyone does secretly right?!) so this fairly chunky bag of tricks is a dream to me. As you can see it folds open neatly to reveal one long clear fronted zip bag and two smaller cream coloured zip bags. Both are attached by magnets. So if you need one bag for a night away you can just grab it and go which I love. Though, one downfall - if you stuff the bags too full they become too heavy for the magnetic connection. The mirror is also detachable but that's held on with a strip of velcro. It has its own stand so you can avoid applying your foundation whilst juggling the mirror! And to top in off, in the middle is a space specifically for brushes.

At the moment it sits in the second draw of my dressing table all organised and neat. Not much can be said for the top draw though...

Think the top draw may still need a bit of organising don't you? 

How do you organise your dressing table? Would love to see your videos and posts! 




  1. It looks really organized to me. Good job on that girl! :D


    1. aww Thanks sweets! :) Checking out your blog now xx

  2. I love your make up organizer, it's so cool it has a mirror! :)

    lovely blog, following!

  3. Have just bought one of these bags from my local charity shop, complete with make up brushes, £3.00 a total bargain


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