Saturday, November 17

Beautiful BearPaw Boots!

Heya lovelies,

After getting caught in the rain in pumps four times in the last two weeks I new it was high time for some new boots. I threw out last year a pair of disgustingly muddy faded Uggs and so new I needed to buy a fresh new pair. Finally, some retail therapy that I actually NEED to buy! hehehe

I was browsing uggs online but, on a little trip to TKMAXX I found these gorgeous 'pretend your an Eskimo' boots from brand BearPaw. I recognised the brand but really didn't know too much about them. Apparently BearPaw is an american brand who make beautiful quality boots.

When I tried this pair of brown boots with fur trim on I literally melted with how comfortable they were. They retail at around £85 but I got mine for a thrifty £35! Bargain! (there may still be some left in TKMAXX near Mooregate so nip in if you're near by). The sole is also extremely thick and hard wearing with deep grooves in so you'll never do the 'Ugg slip up'.

I think I'm converted to BearPaw now, so so pleased with my purchase. Is anyone else the same? What's your favourite boot brand?

P.S. Christmas is coming.. eeek!



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