Friday, November 16

Rimmel London 500 Disco Ball Polish Review

Heya Sweets, hope all's well <3

We all know sparkle is very on trend at the moment so I just wanted to do a quick shout out about my favourite glitter sparkle polish right now.

It's Rimmel's 500 Disco Ball Lasting Finish polish. It's absolutely filled with flecks of silver and larger sparkles of blue and plenty of iridescent teeny tiny sparks. The photos taken above are after only one coat! The knack is to dab the polish onto your nail instead of painting as you usually would. This way the sparkles stay put. In my opinion: lots of sparkle for your money :)

And, as you would think from the name, it really does have a lasting finish and stays put sparkling away for weeks and weeks! However, that can be a down side as it's also so tricky to take off... lucky I like it so much I rarely do!



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  1. I love the glitter...I need to buy some too.


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