Sunday, November 25

Miss Selfridge Cuff Earrings

Heya Sweets,

A few days ago I did a little post about what your jewellery says about you and these cuff earrings that Boyf bought me are shouting out that my style is Big Bold and Bling!

I chose them from Miss Selfridge and fell in love with them the second I saw them. I'm not a massive earring wearer but I thought they were too cute and a bit different.

I'm saving them for a big night out as they're a bit OTT. But I'm struggling with how to style my hair when wearing them, any thoughts?

They are quite large so I was thinking an 'up-do'? Any good videos or posts on styles I could do?




  1. Wow, these are so incredible! You look really pretty, I love how unique they are :) You have an amazing blog here, I'm a new follower :)


  2. Ohhhh, so so cool! Do the cuff clip things hurt at all?

    1. Heya, actually I didn't mention about that, great question.

      They did start to hurt a little. On one ear more than the other strangely! I think I needed to loosen them a little. That's the one thing that takes a bit of getting used to! <3


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