Tuesday, December 18

Make your own Cosmetics Palette

Hi Sweets

I little while ago I was uber jel of all the youtube girls making AMAZING palettes for their make up. I took a little look around my vast cosmetics draw and dug out a totally unused Virgin Vie Lip Palette. 

By cutting out the plastic middle section of it I was able to use the magnetic sheet at the bottom of it for my own eyeshadows, powders and blushers. 

To depot all my make up I used a candle to melt the glue that sticks most eyeshadows and powders to their cases. Check out my video on how I did it below <3



 p.s. I swear I'm not obessed with Ty beanie babies... they were the only stickers I had!! lol


  1. I love this, would look so unique in my make up bag



  2. I love how they look but I have no idea where to find those magnetic palettes!


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