Friday, August 3

Schwarzkopf got2b Guardian Angel Review

A few weeks ago the lovely people at Schwarzkof sent me an array of goodies which I wanted to review for you. As there are quite a few as you can see and I’m a busy bee of late (sorry for the lack of posts L) so I’m just going to review the Got2B Heat protection spray today.

I’d previously been using a brand of hair protector spray that I can't even remember now!! that I’d seen in Tesco and thought I’d try out. It's one of those celeb hairdresser brands. I was excited about it as I’d not heard of it before but was a bit let down. It was fine and smelt quite nice but nothing to shout about.

However, after trying the Got2B Guardian Angel protection spray and using it for over a week now I haven’t even touched the old one. My favourite bit about all Got2B products are their smell. They always smell tasty! Bubblegum smells and fruity smells, I love it. Always nice to pop out of the shower and spritz something tasty smelling into your hair right

I like the shape of the bottle too and it’s easier to handle than my other spray. It’s not something I noticed initially but when comparing the two it really stood out. The heat protection goes up to 220 degrees which is the exact heat that I straighten and curl my hair. Maximum heat to perfectly ruin your hair I know so it’s great I’ve got such a strong heat protector.

It’s early days yet but the spray doesn’t appear to be sticking to the ceramic irons of my straighteners which is the best part. My straighteners still run smoothly through my hair and the spray is light weight and creates a fine mist of protection.

As I have long hair I tend to take good care of it; using conditioner on the tips along with heat protection sprays and split end oils so I haven’t noticed a drastic change in my hair quality. However, I do feel that if I stopped using heat protection sprays my hair would notice it and I would highly recommend this one for extra shiny and gorgeous smelling locks.

Love LC


  1. Oh I really do love the sound of this! I love finding new hair care products! My hair just gets so frizzy after washing and drying, so I need a good heat protection spray for straightening :) I love your blog, please keep it up great posts :)


  2. I have a confession. For a long time I didn't use heat protection! But my hairdresser was for ever giving me grief! Ha. I've started using this actually, and I'm not really sure if I am suppose to notice any difference, or if it is one of those products that is just beneficial for my hair. Loved your post, was great to read your experience of it :) x
    Heroine In Heels


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