Tuesday, September 11

MAC Lipstick: Cyber

Hi Girlies :) sooooo, yep I pretty much dropped off the earth for a little while eeekk sorry about that. But I'm back and bringing with me yet another trusty MAC lipstick review.

So this lil dark colour is called Cyber and is part of MACs Satin Lipstick collection. I saw it on one of the makeup artists instore the other day and absolutely loved it on her. She had gorgeous dark skin and had used Cyber on the outside of her lips and a lighter pink on the inside subtly merging the two which looked swell.

The colour is a very deep dark and mysterious purple. So deep it almost looks black which is quite intimidating when you first think you'll have to apply it to your lips! After topping up with some fake tan I braved it though and I love the colour. Definitely a dark plum I'll be wearing in Autumn this year. What do you think?

Love LC


  1. That colour is really pretty on you! Gorgeous :)

  2. Aww thank you both :) bit of a brave colour but I'm getting used to it! xxx


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