Friday, February 1

Review: Semi Permanent EyeLash Extensions

Lash Exensions just after being applied

Heya Chickies,

So, I went and had some semi-perm eyelashes applied at a lovely little Kingswood-based salon called Dollies exactly 3 weeks back now from today. I was very interested in trying them out as a friend has them done and I think they look beautiful on her.

I did a bit of research online and the opinions were mixed.. some girls loved them and were now lash addicts whilst others weren't keen on the clumping that tends to happen over time.

This is my experience... 

The lashes took around an hour and a half to apply. Pads were put underneath my eyes whilst I kept my lids closed and had each lash added. The time went fairly quickly as I chatted away and there was no discomfort or pain when being applied. There was slight discomfort when opening my eyes after application as some lashes can become glued to the pads. Once this has been sorted however I was fine. The lashes looked gorgeous in my opinion and were weightless - It didnt feel like I was wearing extensions at all.

First Week
This week flew by and I was absolutely in LOVE with my lashes. I didn't have to bother with mascara and loved how they looked. I was very careful not to touch my eyes too much or wash them - attempting to keep my lashes in perfect condition. By the end of the first week my lashes looked exactly the same as when I had them applied.

Second Week
Towards the end of the third week a few of my lashes had started to fall out naturally and clump slightly. I think my careful attention looking after them did keep more from falling out naturally. It was starting to get a little tricky however as when one lash fell out it was often glued to another and so would clump to the next lash and weigh it down. All in all however my lashes still looked good. By the end of the second week I had become a little fixated on my lashes, went out and bought some lash remover and removed a few of them to ease up the clumping.

Third Week
Today is exactly three weeks from application. I will pop up a photo of my lashes into this post when I get a moment but they still look very neat and fairly full (despite me removing some). I do have a few lashes that annoy me, mostly because the weight or positioning of the extensions as they clump together cause them to become uneven on the lash line- some lashes will be high up whilst others drop low.

It is recommended that you go back to the salon for refills every 2-3 weeks and know I understand why. I would assume that as well as refilling lashes they would also come to the aid of clumped lashes too. I've decided not to venture back to the salon just yet as my lashes actually still look good after three weeks and I'm still very happy with them despite some ups and downs!

So should you invest?
Lash extensions cost anything between £40 and upwards and refills can come in at around £25 every fortnight or more so it's an extravegance to be certain. But is it worth the money? I've shocked myself a little as I'd have to say yes I think it is. It's of course a bit of a novelty, a bit frustrating and expensive but if I were deciding between lash extensions or a £40 massage I would always choose lashes.

I've loved having glamourous long thick lashes which I wake up to in the morning already looking glam. Not having to think about mascara or worry about mascara runs in the gym. And just having something that makes you feel a little bit prettier is always nice. I have to say I love them and now......... I want to try doing them myself!! KEEP POSTED!!



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