Tuesday, May 27

Relax Therapy Massage Review

Heya Beauts 

I've always wanted to try a Hot Stone Massage since my gorgeous mummy raved about her friend having one. So when Relax Therapy in Purley offered one I was eager to try it out!

Like most of you out there I do love a massage.. any form of pampering will do really right? So here is what I thought of Relax Therapy's Hot Stones..

Relax Therapy is located with Dynamics Health and Fitness just on the Brighton Road. Once at the front reception I was motioned upstairs to the treatment room. There I met Beata who was my lovely therapist for the hot stone massage. She was very kind and patient with me as I flustered about with my multiple bags I carry with me two and from work (half the time I'm not sure for what reason even!). She offers a number of different massages including deep tissue.

The treatment room is fairly small but clean, tidy and comfortable. It is also warm which is one of my biggest niggles. Cold treatment rooms will one day be the death of me. So big brownie points held by Beata there! The calming music makes you forget that you are in a fitness centre at all, apart from the occasional sound of dropping weights or running feet but it is rare.

The massage began by placing the hot marble stones onto my back and massaging first my legs and then arms until the whole of my body had been massaged. After massaging each area with her hands she would then use the deliciously warm stones to rub deeper into my muscles absolutely melting away any tension I had in them.

The pressures she used was perfect in my opinion. How do you like your massages? I like a fairly firm massage and I found this one to be very good. I left feeling very relaxed indeed. Pure magic :)

I was a happy customer and in fact sneaked off a few weeks later for yet another hot stone massage with Beata (cheeky!).

Have you been to Relax Therapy? Let me know your thoughts in the comments box below :)





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