Wednesday, March 5

Hair Artist: Pink Hair Chalk Review

Hey lovelies

You may have seen my other posts about dying my hair ombre, pink, red, dip dye.. ummm ok, so I like to dye my hair! But this time I thought I've have a go at something a little less permanent with Hair Artist - Pink Hair Chalk.

I bought this is Top Shop at the weekend after spending at least 20 minutes deciding on which colour. I very nearly chose mint green (too cute!) but didn't know if it would show up on my light brown hair.

The hair chalk is definitely just that.. Chalk. Not too sure really what I was expecting haha sounds silly huh. But as you can see from my before and after shots it does show up quite nicely on my darker hair. It's quite a subtle look but nice to chuck in your bag and apply mid-festival.

Saying that, it is an over priced gimmick for something that really guys.. is just a piece of chalk. Yup, fuelled into yet another purchase by marketing! hehe you got me :) hey we've all been there right? right?


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  1. That hair chalk looks fantastic!


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