Sunday, November 2

The Top 5 Luxury Advent Calendars of 2014

Hey pretties,

So, it's the 2nd of November... perfectly acceptable to start talking about Christmas right?

Eeerrrmmm... so I may be pushing it BUT I have a great excuse... I'm giving you a month's notice to get your BF/Mum/Sister/Random on the street in line to buy you one of THESE must-have beauties!

Coming in at a very respectable number 5 is...
From Tomorrow L'Occitane fans can get their hands on a gorgeous collection of mini goodies for advent. The calendar has lots of beautiful miniatures and all different... unfortunately you're only going to get 13 of them (something to do with Provence holiday traditions) and that's why it's my number 5.. yep I'm greedy!

Counting down to 4 we have..

EEEK that's right girls it's Yankee Candle yaaay! I'm going to generally assume that everyone loves a Yankee Candle, I've yet to meet somebody that doesn't! This advent calendar is a big big big love, such cute packaging and a candle for each day. It's called Advent House (aww cute), costs £24.99 and you can buy it from the yankee store.

It would have been top of my list had it not been for the teeny tea lights in all of the door bar one... bit of a moan on their tea lights... they only seem to burn for half of the candle... sort it out Yankee!

For number 3 I've chosen...

It's a favourite from good olds Boot. Called 25 Days of Beauty Secrets, this little beaut comes in at £35 but is jam packed with 25 (yep, even a goodie on Christmas day!) treats worth a total of £130. Impressive.

Slipping in at number 2...

is the highly coveted Benefit Cosmetics Advent Calendar, this year entitled Candy Coated Countdown, which I'm sorry to say has already sold out online! Retailing at £60 on their site I've still seen it being sold on Ebay etc. but with prices up to £120 there's a pretty painful mark up. All the same with the incredible array of gifts and goodies behind each door I suppose it's no surprise... I'll have to get in earlier next year!

Absolute number 1 is...

always going to be from Selfridges right! There 2014 Enchanted Spells calender opens in half like a book to reveal 24 little doors and 24 incredible potions and lotions that even the most high maintenance woman would go weak and the knees for.

£85 for such a collection of enviable goodies is darn reasonable too don't you think? We have a winner!! 

Ditch the chocolate, keep the pre-Christmas health kick going and go all out with an grown up calendar this year!




  1. I love them all, especially the Yankee candle one! Great post :D

    1. Any excuse for something Christmassy hehe xxx

  2. Definitely okay to speak anything Christmas now! haha!
    I love the gift sets you have chosen - actually, I've never really been one for beauty calendars but these do look good - oh and Ciate's set last year was amazing!
    xoxo, | Beauty & Lifestyle Blog 

    1. everyone is talking about the Ciate one... i'll have to check it out! xxxx

  3. The Yankee candle one would be my favourite too! But I definitely agree, the burning life of the tea lights isn't great.
    This year I have a Ciate' advent calender.. but its possibly last years one as I found it in TK Maxx. Still had to buy it though!
    I'm going to be doing 'Ciate' Christmas' where I do a nail design every day with the polish I get! So excited for Christmas!!!

    1. ooo from TK Maxx? No way! yep Yankee need to up their game huh xxx

  4. I didn't know these calendars existed but I'm definitely going to be needing one of these <3 <3 <3333 New follower xx

    The Life of Little Me

  5. It is NEVER too early to start thinking about Christmas! I would love a yankee candle calendar although I wouldn't say no to a benefit on either!!

    Heather x

  6. I got my sister the Yankee candle one and it smells so amazing, I know she's going to absolutely love it!

  7. These all look amazing! The Benefit one and the Yankee one are both super cute. However, I'm totally going for a chocolate one this year... haha.

    xx Mimmi, Muted Mornings

  8. Omg I want them all !!! :o xD


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