Monday, December 15

SALON REVIEW: Abi's Hair and Beauty

Hello pretties,

How's everyone doing? Hope the holiday season is in full swing! I'm sitting here snuggled up on the sofa admiring my gorgeous sparkly tree peeking up above my laptop :)

Sadly in front of my laptop is where I have firmly been placed all day... I'm studying for a Masters in Strategic Marketing part-time... this means little time to work on it and even less time for play!

So to treat myself I booked an hour long full body Aveda Elemental Nature massage appointment at a salon I hadn't been to before Abi's Hair and Beauty Salon in Purley. It's fairly new in the area, having just had it's one year anniversary in November so I was looking forward to meeting the staff and checking out their salon.

Located in a prime position on Purley high street it was easy to spot with it's glowing lilac frontage and clean sleek layout inside... very impressed. The salon inside is white, tidy and homely. After filling out the necessary forms I was whisked off to a treatment room toward the back of the salon for my massage to begin.

The room was a little compact but the delicious warmth of it made up for that entirely.. who needs space when you're lying down anyway! If you're accustomed to my salon reviews you'll know that cold treatment rooms are my biggest no-no so in that Abi's can be given the highest commendation!

My therapist was fantastic, friendly and firm with her massage. I explained to her my issues and I felt she really tailored the massage to my needs. I was also impressed by her firm hand - I can't count how many massages I've had where they just limply rub you up and down for a while!

Ok,,, so that sounds a bit weird, but you all know what I mean right? 

Abi's also added those final touches that so many salons forget. I had a mince pie waiting for me when I asked for a drink (In my eagerness to eat it I spilt half of it down me but lets not go there!). There were complimentary chocolates and biscuits in my treatment room... who doesn't want chocolate after a relaxing massage? Heaven! AND, when I was about to leave I received a hand written Christmas card addressed just to me wishing me a Merry Christmas and giving me a 10 pound voucher off my next treatment. Impressive or what ladies!!

From my experience of the salon and my treatment I would definitely visit again. The staff and the salon are a pleasure to visit.

Check out their full treatment list and try them out, I recommend it :)



Tuesday, December 9

Wassen We Beautify Collagen Review

Merry Christmas beauts,

Hope you're enjoying the Christmas season! Two weeks ago Wassen contacted me to see if I'd like to try out their We Beautify Collagen drink. I take Berocca every day so, with Wassen being an orange powdered drink too I thought it would be perfect to compare against my usual.

They sent me the 10 Sachet pack. On the packaging it does say 1 sachet per day for 4 weeks minimum so I can't really give a full review of the effects but have taken a few before and afters all the same :)

If you read my blog regularly you'll know I'm a sucker for packaging... I like the pink and silver.. but most of all the cute handy size sachets. So easy to pop into your handbag.

One sachet provides
Hydrolyzed Collagen 5g
Vitamin E 15mg α-TE
Vitamin C 100mg
Manganese 2mg

As well as manganese, vitamins and sweeteners it has the special ingredient... hydrolyzed collagen which has been demonstrated scientifically to improve skin condition and appearance. The taste is nicer than Berocca in my opinion, it's more subtle and was a pleasure to drink!


Apologies for frightening you all with my #nomakeupselfies!! But I think it does a great job... the vitamin boost of a vitamin drink with the added bonus of caring for your skin.

Peptan Hydrolyzed Collagen supports:

· Younger-looking skin
· Moisture levels
· Smoothness
· Prevention of deep wrinkle formation
· Improved suppleness
· Bone density
· Joint health
· Post-exercise recovery
· Weight control (as satiating macronutrient)

If you want to try this out for yourself pop down the road to Boots where you can by the same 10 sachet pack for £19.99.

Will Wassen's Collagen drink be on your list to Santa this year? Let me know in the comments below!


Thursday, December 4

My perfect Christmas Eve with #NextmasWishlist!

The perfect ingredients from Next for a festive Christmas Eve in with the Boyf. Sipping champagne ( and later on sipping a cuppa to sober up!) in your cute Christmas PJs surrounded by a big tree and lots of decs, snuggled up watching Elf on the sofa and waiting for Santa to come!

What is your perfect Christmas eve? Let me know in the comment box below...I'd love to compare! 

Hunt down the nightwear for yourself now :) Merry Christmas



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