Tuesday, March 22

Help: Beautify Skin Sachets: Product Trial and Review

Hello Lovelies, 

Hope you've all been well and been enjoying the epic weather we've been having recently... I'm guessing its not going to last over the Easter weekend though huh! That would be asking too much I'm sure. :) 

So, like any good blogger I receive daily emails about new beauty products and treatments. Most go into the junk box in all truth (eek bad blogger) but I was intrigued when I received a press release about a new British brand of skin supplements from Works With Water Nutraceuticals

I got in contact with the lovely people there and they were kind enough to send me a one month trial of their help: beautify skin product. It's available as a 14 day pack (£22.94) or a 28 day pack (£39.95) 

The Smart Bit.. 

Each help: beautify skin sachet (10g total) contains these natural skin regenerating nutrients: CoEnzymeQ10, Hydrolysed Marine Collagen, Resveratrol, Aloe Vera and Vitamin C

Which is brilliant, as we all know, that's the good stuff and I'll take all the help I can get hehe

However, what I really loved most about them is that, as well as being free from artificial colours and flavours, they're jelly!! I mean, this is a supplement that every morning I actually looked forward to taking! No pills, no sachets that you mess around with water. These are so quick, easy and transportable.

I'd pop a couple in my handbag or one in my cosmetics bag and be away for the day. I'd keep a couple more in the freezer as ice pop treats. They've managed to make caring for your skin fun! The sachets come in Apple flavour which again is refreshing. Keeping away from the standard acidic orange taste that instantly reminds you of hang-over induced Berocca refuels they offer a delicious flavour I actually looked forward to.

But of course, did help: beautify skin sachet work? 

Well, at the start of the year lets just say my diet and exercise regime was non-existent. As a result my skin was suffering. I didn't want to test these sachets without a good diet and healthy exercise plan behind me. We all know that its the combination of supplements, health and diet that work... as much as I like to kid myself of course! So that is indeed what I did. The trial was a great way to kick-start my healthy outlook to life and most importantly myself - I cut down on junk, ate sensibly and healthily, continued with netball (I'm a Wing Defence just incase you need a sub!) and squeezed in gym trips and runs when I could.

Day 1
Day 1
Day 13
Day 13

Day 28
Day 28 

As you can see from my progress shots my skin is naturally freckle-filled which I know can make it hard to see results. However, I noticed patches on my cheeks and forehead fade and my complexion even out - I know longer look red and blotchy. My skin did appear to calm and I felt good and positive that I was doing something to help that from the inside as well as outside.

My Verdict? At less than £1.50 a day for a 28 day pack I think help: beautify skin sachets are an affordable, handy and effective boost to your skin care regime. Would I use them again? Gosh yes!




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