Sunday, November 30

An Amazing Gift with a Personal Touch: The Book of Everyone

Hi my lovelies!

Firstly I'd like to wish you a very warm Happy Advent... yes that's right ladies.... it's officially December! Get to the shops now in urgent gift grabbing melt down... or perhaps I have something that you'll find twice and good and not at all manic to purchase...

A few weeks ago the amazing people at The Book of Everyone contacted me to review their books. I'd never heard of them before but when I checked out the website I so wanted one!

The book of everyone is exactly that, a beautiful hard-backed book (or e-book if you wish) made especially for your loved one all about them. They call it a book that celebrates that 'one-of-a-kind' person. Using some vital stats each page becomes all about them - like their star sign, what happened in the year they were born. Each page is filled with fun facts.

The pages themselves are beautiful too. That's because each one is designed by a bunch of talented artists.

With free shipping in the UK the cost is very reasonable I think... £7.50 for the digital version, £19.50 for the soft cover and £29.30 for the hard cover which I was sent. Not bad for a totally bespoke one-off coffee table book.

The bit I especially like is their joint work with Age UK. On top of sharing their profits they'll also be celebrating the lives of elderly people; presenting them with beautiful personalised books full of stories and photos about them.

I chose my amazing boyfriend to create a book for. It was so fun and easy! You don't have to log in or sign up so go play around and create your own book now.

Before I knew it it had arrived at my little flat door...

There is just so much detail in it, it's like an interesting facts book all about them, love it!

Cannot wait to give it to him! :)

P.S. they also do a Christmas version... hells yeah!




  1. Wow, this is such a lovely gift idea! I know so many people who would really like this sort of thing, such a thoughtful idea!

    Heather x

  2. What a sweet book! xx

  3. Never heard such a cool thing! What a perfect gift (would even just want one for myself... seriously)! Thanks for sharing :)


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