Tuesday, November 20

What does your jewellery says about you?

Last weekend my lovely boyfriend treated me to some Miss Selfridge goodies. The love heart ring and the wish bracelet are both from him. And because they are both from him I haven’t taken them off once. I also have a silver heart bracelet, also from him, which I never take off either.

Despite wishing I was more of a stylish jewellery wearer my style is most definitely vintage, quirky and sentimental. The jewellery I wear most often is nearly always something that means a lot to me. So it raised the question as to what that really meant?

I immediately Googled my little thought and came up with some fun ideas on the subject. (P.S. The following ideas are a mixture of my own and others ideas)

Circles and circular jewellery: The open circle insinuates that you are open to new things since a circle itself is open by its very design. You are perhaps flirtation by nature and have a keen eye for detail.

Pearls: Conveys a message of elegance and style. Like the jewellery that you wear, you are letting others know that you believe in honouring the classics. Choosing a pearl necklace, earrings, or bracelet lets people know that you are classic, elegant, and just a little bit old fashioned. Pearls have a timeless beauty about them, and they reflect an inner purity.

Bling: A bold, shiny piece says that you are a bold person who doesn’t lack in confidence. If you have a strong will and are not afraid to be noticed, a knuckle-to-knuckle design or a ring with a lot of sparkle would be an awesome choice for you.

Vintage pieces: Shows your feminine side, and you may also tend to be sentimental. You enjoy history and find beauty all around you.

Fabric jewellery: You’re probably funky and modern- a person who also appreciate handmade crafts.

Diamonds: Diamond wearers like to feel elegant and sophisticated. They are usually old romantics at heart. There are many convincing diamond replicas, and people that buy the real thing see truthfulness as an important quality in others.

Gold – Gold has been used to symbolise wealth and prosperity for thousands of years. Whether you have a small and subtle piece or layers and layers of bling, underneath it all you value tradition.

Big and bold – Statement jewellery is loud and expressive. Those who wear it rarely shy away from attention. They’re usually confident, outgoing, fun loving, and very sociable. Wearing a bold statement item is the best way to ensure all eyes will be on you when you enter a room.

Functional or Sporty – Sporty jewellery is simple, practical and of course beautiful. Anyone who loves their athletic pursuits, but also likes to feel attractive, knows that their jewellery has to keep up with their fast paced lifestyle. Sporty jewellery is worn most often by people with a modern, independent, and energetic nature.  The thing about sports jewellery is that it needs to be functional-stainless steel or sliver, small and no bling. Stainless steel watches are a perfect example.

Small and understated – A small set of pearls, a fine gold chain, or pretty diamond studs are subtle, classic pieces. Wearers pride themselves self on their good taste and timeless style. They also have respect for the importance of traditional values.

Natural – Eco friendly jewellery like wooden beads, woven bracelets, and anything made from recycled materials are usually worn by people who are smart, outdoorsy, and connected with nature. They look for accessories that are as unique as their personality rather than something mass  produced.

What does your jewellery say about you? What do you always wear?

I’d love to hear from you, so please comment below <3

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  1. Brilliant info! I learnt something new here ...


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