Friday, April 20

A kiss from Dr Feelgood

How lucky am I to have such a lovely best friend. After getting so much enviable makeup for Christmas she gave me some lovely bits as a treat. One of my favs was this cute little set from Benefit collection Dr FeelGood. One is a silky soft moisurising lip balm and the other is buffing lip beads to give your lips a bit of TLC. I'm always applying lip balms, tip tints and lipsticks but never think to exfoliate my lips. I don't know about you but It's never really even crossed my mind. 

I decided to give it a go though and am glad I did. Each night for about a week now I've been buffing my little lips and then moisturising them and have noticed my lips feeling smoother. It does feel very strange the first few times you buff and wash off, I sort of felt like I was giving my lips a mini facial every night. But it makes sense, especially for girls who like lipstick like me, as rough lips and lipsticks are so frustrating!

Love LauraClaire

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