Saturday, April 21

Ruby & Millie's matching tones for pretty eyes

I love two tone eyes and love Ruby & Millie's eye shadow pens which are always in my pink make up bag (as you can see as I bought two! oops!). I bought the purple tones pen and the black and silver tone pen. They're great for when your doing your eyes on the way to work (which i'm always doing) and easy to use as the applicator and eyeshadow are all in one.

The swatches below show how well the two colours compliment each other I think. Because the eyeshadow is fairly loose in its little pot its easy to get at too. I like to put the lighter shade on the inner part of my lid and then use the applicator to merge the darker shade on the outer part of the lid. I also put the lighter shade under my bottom lids and then more of the darker shade on the top lid.

These are the only Ruby & Millie products i've tried though. Are there any others i'm missing out on? 
Let me know what I need to try next! 
Lots of love <3

Love LauraClaire

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