Thursday, April 19

Perfect Clean Foaming Cream Wash

Hi Girlies! So I just had to do a quick blog about my favourite beauty product at the moment from L'oreal Paris. I saw the Perfect Clean Foaming Cream Wash ages ago in an advert on TV and wanted to try it out from then. I chose the 'soothing' variety for dry/sensitive skin and like the cute pink bottle. The foaming cream itself is actually white.

You pop the mini white scrubblet out from the middle of the bottle and put a pea sized amount of the cream on and start scrubbing. I was shocked how bubbly and foamy just a pea size gives you. The scrubber is made of really soft rubber and has tiny little bumps over it so it exfoliates your skin softly. The cream smells lovely too, it's a really soft but fresh and flowery smell. And when your all squeeky clean you just clean off the scrubber and pop it back in!

Love LauraClaire

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