Wednesday, May 30

Cosmetics for the price of a Magazine!

Can you tell It's the last week till payday for me? hehe, yep! I get paid on Friday... WOOOOO I'm more excited than you can imagine as it will be my first pay cheque from my new job and I've waited over 6 weeks for it so it should be a goodun.. boyf and I have already planned our weekend shopping trip :) 

Anyway, back to beauty...I've always known about natural collection products but never bought anything from them bar a little eyeshadow in my early teens. I was on task to buy a shampoo in boots at the weekend when I walked past the display and was drawn in by the large red £2 sign (i do love a bargin!).

£2 girls, 2 quid, 2 squid, 2 poundage!!! Pretty much everything on display was the same price as a glossy magazine. It was amazaballs.

So, of course, I treated myself to just one thing (very restrained!) the Natural Collection SunTint Bronzing Pearls in Tropical Tan. This might sound insane but I'd never used bronzing pearls before, I don't know why really but £2 to try them was a perfect 'I must by this now' reason. As you can see from the photo the colour is bronze is very warm and when applied is light and fine. After dropping a few pearls on the floor and crushing on under foot I realised that if you shake em up they crush all by them selves and make it easier to apply. That did actually take me a few days to work out embarressingly! 

I've been using it all week and I think it's a fab colour and just as good as any other bronzer but with a much better price tag. 

Have an amazing Wednesday girlies, happy hump day and only three days left until the long Jubilee weekend! The count down has well and truely begun. :)

Love LC

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