Tuesday, June 21

Two Tone Colour Combination Nails with Semilac

So, the fab lot at Semilac sent me two gorgeous shades of nail polishes in the post recently. I've been loving my OPI polishes though so have only recently got around to testing them out.

Semilac Nail Polish

Semilac are best known for their Gel polishes and that is how you may know them but they also do a large range of standard polishes in the colours of the UV Hybrids which you can purchase online.

They kindly sent me two 7ml nail polish colours, 006 Classic Coral & 063 Legendary Red from their Diamond Cosmetics range. Each retails at £4.25. Classic Coral is a soft red with a gently raspberry tone whereas Legendary Red is a pure Marilyn Monroe red without any orange or cherry tones.

Both colours applied smoothly and easily although I did have to apply three thick coats to get the truly opaque colour I wanted. However, I was impressed at their drying time, all three coats dried very quickly. I've now been wearing the polish for three days... ample time for me to scratch or chip a nail trust me... and so far so good! They've lost the ultra shine that I adored on the first day but that's just standard when you're not using a gel don't you think?

All in all, very pleased with both these colours, especially as they colour combine so beautifully...
Total Nail Inspo!

Colour Combination Nails

If your anything like me the idea of colour combination nails takes you back to be being 9 years old again and painting each nail crazy glitter colours. However, colour combination nails if done correctly can look brilliant.

The trick is to be picky with your shades for a grown up take on the look that's just a little bit fun.

Voila.. easy and fashionable DIY nails right at your fingertips!

Alternate similar shades to create two tone nails

Both Semilac polishes are gorgeous red tones and really complement each other so I thought I'd put a fun twist on the classic red mani by alternating these shades on each nail. I just love the finished look - as the colours are only subtly different they create a gorgeous two tone nail look.

Check out these colour block and easy DIY nail inspo too.




  1. Like the first photo :)
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    Maria V.

  2. Loving the color! so beautiful!


  3. Great post... Love the colors...xoxo, Neha

  4. I really love that color!! xx


  5. You nails look so pretty! Im currently trying to grow mine as I bite them! Disgusting I know. Ii can wait till their a little longer so I can start wearing pretty polishes. x


  6. Gorgeous color! So rich and vivid!


  7. What a great idea!
    Have a lovely weekend :)
    Rosanna x
    Rose's Rooftop

  8. I love how you did the two tone nails, I recently stocked up on a lot of vintage pinks so I'd love to try this look! The polishes looks lovely and your blog is so darling and pretty! :D xx

    elizabeth ♡ ”Ice Cream” whispers Clara | (lets follow each other on bloglovin or instagram)

  9. Love the two tones! Since they're so close, it still looks classy :)

    xx Yasmin

  10. What a pretty color! Just so beautiful and vivid! x

    Face to Curls | http://facetocurls.com

  11. Finally a nail trend simple enough for me to get on board with. Love the subtle two tone combo it works really well x

    She Dreams


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