Thursday, May 31

Peplum trend for girls with hips!

Hi Girlies, hope you're all well and enjoying the fact that we have an extra long weekend ahead of us... tonight boyf is taking me late night shopping and tonight I shall be buying a peplum top, most likely from River Island, though I did love one I saw in Miss Selfridge!

I tried it on and fell in love with peplum all over again! I'd stayed well clear after buying a grey peplum dress and forgetting that whatever the trend.. you MUST stick to your body shape. My body shape is hour glass. I'm bless with a nice small waist but my bum and hips are nearing the size of a back end of a bus! hehehehe So, the peplum dress did not work wonders for me as the extra layer around the waist and over the hips just amplified the area I try most to dull down.

So these are my peplum rules for all wider hipped lovelies out there..

What have I put in the sin bin? Well, not all peplum tops will work to your advantage if your an hourglass or a wide hipped lovely. Low/untailored tops like the one above from Topshop fall too low and miss out your teeny waist which must be shown off. Peplum dresses are next as they add extra material just in the place where you need it least. This makes your waist look less defined and your hips bigger. The same can be said with high waisted skirts, as pretty as they look, they are a one to avoid if you are concious of your ample hips and butt.

Embrace Peplum tops to the Max! Peplum doesn't have to mean dress. Peplum tops are often cheaper and will emphasise your little waist and float gently above your hips creating a gorgeous curve. And choosing thicker material tops will add more structure too. As you can see above, there is plenty of choice too so go wild with structured and tailored peplums... trust me, the effects are great! 

So, now it's over to you... What do you think? Do you agree you hour glasses and wide hipped girlies? Do you think that's silly and all peplums are practically perfect! Let me know, I'd love to know you're thoughts <3

Love LC


  1. I love a good peplum! Great blog xx

  2. I love the floral river island top with the spaghetti straps but I'm not sure I could pull it off. I daren't try any of them on in case I look like a bus. Might have to have a try on and play around with some and see which work for me.

    Just followed your blog hun, would love it if you could do the same!!

    Great blog chicken xxx

  3. Thanks girlies :) I no, I tried a similar one on in River last night and it just didn't look right :( the search continues! hehehe.. ps. following you both xx


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