Thursday, June 14

Simple Plaited up-do in 4 easy steps

Hiya girlies :) 
A little while ago I started the first in my series of easy to do hairstyles that only take 4 steps and can be done in a total rush just before work... what I tend to do with my hair every day! When my hair isn't freshly clean and perhaps has had too much bit of Batiste dry shampoo I like to do this hair style. It's great as it looks a lot more thought out than it really is. Hope you like it..

Step 1. Pull you hair to the side and plait tightly to one side. 
Step 2. Taking pins pull the plait upwards and pin around the top of your head. 
Step 3. Pull out any fringe you have on either side.
Step 4. Fix with strong hair spray and smile :)

Love LC


  1. I love this, i'm useless at doing hair but these are so helpful for me :)z

  2. Thank you so much! Glad my little guidelines are helping you, I like to keep it nice and simple, always the best way I think! <3


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