Thursday, June 28

Dorothy Perkins Haul

Last Weekend I went to a wedding and it was the most lovely wedding ever. Lots of little cute personal touches and heartwarming speeches (boyf's nan was welling up bless her). We spent the morning rushing around like mad though as Boyf hadn't actually found a suit yet!! So whilst panicing for him I managed to do a spot of shopping for me... naturally!

I found these amazingly beautiful nude spotted mega heels in Dorothy Perkins. They were in the sale too which made them extra beautiful ;) I love the little strap and the soft colour. In the photos they don't actually look as painfully high as they are but walking in them in real life I can assure you they are. I had forgotten what it was like to walk in such high heels but will be wearing them again as they made my calves look lovely and slim lined in the photos.

I also bought a gorgeous deep grey coloured floaty jacket. It has extra material at the front which hangs down nicely in drapes which I love. The material is so soft too and has been intricately tailored so that its a perfect fit. I'm wearing it and my new heels in the photo below... Happy Wedding smile!

 Shoes and top: Dorothy Perkins
Dress: Warehouse
Jewellery: New Look
Hair colour: Garnier Nutrisse Fiery Red

Love LC


  1. I love those shoes, I'm usually not much of a fan of Dorothy Perkins, but may have to have a look now I'e read this...

    Greetings from your newest follower!


  2. I totally agree, Dorothy Perkins is looking up I think :)

    Hullo back from your newest follower too ;) hehe xxxx

  3. Love the shoes, very Charlotte Olympia-esque :)

    Great blog, new follower :)

    Eleanor x


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