Monday, June 25

Lipcote review

I never used to be much of a lipstick wearer. It's only been in the last couple of years that I've started properly using lipstick and most importantly.. not thinking 'OMG who is that weird looking drag queen' every time I catch myself in the mirror :)

One of the things I've noticed now that I have succumbed to being a lipstick wearing grown up is that it's near impossible to keep the stuff put. It's all over my glass when I take a drink, all over my teeth when I smile and all over boyf's tees when I give him a hug (shhh, I don't think he's realized yet though! hehehe).

I'd known about Lipcote for ages, and I seem to remember it being around for ages. Their website tells me they are celebrating 50 years in beauty so they must be doing something right!

I thought I'd give Lipcote a try in the hopes it might help my lipstick last a little longer. The little bottle is too cute and comes nicely packaged in a card box. As you can see it's all very simple, just a little bit of clear potion, a little brush and just a couple of dabs later and voila! I have to say I was impressed, apart from having a strong smell the lipcote worked well.

You need to make sure any excess lipstick has been dabbed off and that you don't purse your lips whilst waiting for the lipcote to dry (it's harder than you might think!) but very good results once dry. My lipstick stayed put so I'm happy. The Lipcote does change the matte/gloss effect of the lipsticks though which is worth noting. All the same I would recommend it to a friend. <3

Love LC

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