Friday, June 22

My MUA haul

It's getting close to the end of the month now, and it's pretty much a week before payday so you can tell my posts are getting 'on budget' hehe... I can't help a browse though, even if I can't afford things so love to look around SuperDrug just in case there's something to my liking for a couple of pretty pennies. As it goes there is! MUA MakeUp Academy is new brand to me and is exclusive to SuperDrug, I don't think I've come across them before but judging by the quality of the powder, blush and primer that I bought from them I definitely won't forget them.

As is usual for me at the end of the month, I was attracted to the low prices, I think the blush and powder were just a pound each and the primer was £4! I've been after a subtle rouge blush for a while so was pleased to get this one home to try. I love the colour and it has actually replaced my bright pink Hello Kitty MAC blush! The makeup seems fab and I haven't noticed any drop in quality due to price. The powder is a natural colour and smooth on my face. The primer I like too as it's silky and does seem to keep my make up in place. The only teeny downfall is with the blush lid upclipping from the base. However, it can be easily clipped back on and doesn't unclip when closed.

I'd be interested to test some more of their products. They had a great collection of lipsticks and I'm so fussy with lipsticks so would be great if I found some I liked for £1 too <3

Love LC

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