Thursday, June 21

My Tatty Devine Collection

On YouTube I have a little nosey video of the contents of my jewellery box.
Take a look I love having a nosey!

It was when I was videoing this clip that I realised just how many pieces I have from Tatty Devine... It's a growing collection and I've no intention of stopping, so here's a little look at what I've hoarded so far....   

This is my most recent piece. It's from their name necklace collection... sooooo, Jeddars is my nickname at my old work... it's a long story as to how it formed.. it was a mix of jedward and mini cheddars! All the same, I was lucky enough to get my very own nickname necklace for my Birthday last year from my lovely work friends! Thanks guys :)

Swing girl and Purley Kings and Queens. I got beautiful swing girls from my Aunty for my birthday. It's a bit bit of jewellery and I love wearing it if I have a block colour high necked top on.. it looks fab! My little purley king I bought down in the Brighton Lanes as a treat. He's cute and petite.

My old work friends spoilt me rotten and new me too well and so bought me this gorgeous glittery autumn leaves on a long chain for my first birthday with them. This is the piece I get the most use out of an is my absolute fav. It's simple, pretty and sparkly.

Ahhh, now this was my first ever tatty buy.. I got it at uni and it cost a pretty penny for penniless student so I loved it lots and lots. It's a great piece to wear to work and always gets lots of comments. I just wish I had the matching magpie earrings! It's my only regret... if only I didnt spend my extra student loan on booze instead : /

Everyone loves a tash and I got this a while back when the tash theme wasn't so 'cool'. As much as I love this cheeky necklace I don't wear it too much these days... guess i'ma trying to be a growed up lady :) 

So, I know you pretty girlies will have some Tatty Devine in your jewellery boxes! What have you got?

I so want the anchor necklace they've had for a little while. What are you lusting?

Love LC 

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