Sunday, December 9

Dorothy Perkins Shoe Haul

OMG I love shoes and I've been absolutely loving Dorothy Perkins at the moment. I've bought a number of really great buys from them recently. Their new stuff is really cute I think, what about you?

I was in need of some smart black flats for work but ended up getting these lace loafer style slip-ons instead. I think they are alot prettier and eye-catching but still smart enough for the office. (I hope!) Love the cute bows too!

I've also been wearing heels more often and trying not to slouch around too much in my Bearpaw boots and look scruffy- so I bought these gorgeous tan heels. They're the perfect height, just higher than kitten heels (I HATE kitten heels: eww) and with a padded sole so they're extra comfy.

Shoes or handbags? What's your obession? hehe




  1. Such pretty shoes!! Would love if you could check out my blog!


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