Sunday, January 20

Salon Review: Dollies Beauty Salon, Kingswood

Salon: Dollies Beauty Salon in Kingswood, Surrey
Treatment: 3D Semi-Permanent Lash Extensions

Hi SweetCheeks,

Hope you're all well and enjoying the snow... is it starting to get a bit old now or is it just me being a kill joy? Not looking forward to the journey to work eeek!

So, this is my first beauty salon review, if I forget anything important, please comment below and let me know :) Here goes..

Dollies Salon is in Kingswood Surrey, just on Kingswood's teeny little cute highstreet. It's a fairly small salon but clean, tidy and very pink and girlie. The staff when booking my appointment and throughout my treatment were absolutely lovely. Very down to earth and friendly which always makes a difference. There were no problems or errors with booking the appointment too which is a nag of mine.

I chose to have 3D lashes which cost £60 for a full set and take around 2 hours to apply. Mine took around 1 hour 30mins which I think was very good considering the technician and I were chatting away.

The treatment was done brilliantly; I was asked detailed questions on the look I wanted to achieve with my lashes, their length and curl. There was no discomfort in application which I've heard some other ladies experience when they're not applied properly. I did get a little chilly lying down for so long not moving but I'm always cold: should have bought a blanket hehe.

Overall If you're in the area of thinking of going to Dollies Beauty Salon I would highly recommend it. Brilliant treatments, friendly attentive staff and fab treatment discounts which are regularly updated on their website.


Thumbs up from me! Keep posted for a full review on Semi-permanent lashes. 




  1. You look gorgeous! Love the lashes


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