Thursday, April 4

Schwarzkopf Live Color XXXL Ultra Brights Hair Dye Review



Hi Chickies!

So, if you're a follower of my blog you'll know that a little while ago I was a red head using Garnier Fiery Red 6.60 Hair dye

Since then I decided to let my hair grow and the dye to wash out. Luckily Ombre hair is in fashion and, as the dye lightened my locks, I was lucky to be on trend as it grew out!

However, I fancied a bit of a change and noticed that Schwarzkopf have recently bought out the new Live Color XXXL Ultra Brights Hair Dye range. I picked up the kit for a very reasonable £4. I chose it because it is semi permanent - washing out after around 8 washes. This will keep my locks in good condition and be less chemically harsh.

Because it was semi-permanent I was keen to see how it would take to my hair and if it really would be as bright as Schwarzkopf claimed. How wrong I was to doubt them!! Beautifully bright and healthy hair in under an hour!

The colour I chose was Rasberry Rebel 91. The colour at the tips was a fairly light mousey brown colour initially so came out more of a pinky-red than a bright pink but I love it! The colour would definitely be brighter on lighter hair.

The Kit is easy and quick to use. Because I was dip dying I tied my hair in a pony tale before applying the dye to get an even application just at the tips. This seemed to work perfectly <3 

Schwarzkopf have created a brilliant Semi-permanent hair dye which is a rare thing to find in the high street chain drug stores - two thumbs up and shiny hair all round!

Have you tried out any of the other Schwarzkopf Live Color XXXL Ultra Brights Hair Dye colours? Pillar Box Red and Fiery Copper




  1. OH i LOVE this! It looks great. I was thinking about doing this for the passed few days, now i think i am. You wear it well & thanks for sharing!


    1. Thanks Nikki :) Checking out your blog now xxx

  2. one thing that might be worth looking into is vegetable dye (brands like manic panic, la riche directions etc). it's completely chemical free, and is really easy to use.

    you just whack it on your hair, put a shower cap on top and leave for how long you want (i leave it overnight), and it comes out a beautiful colour, and leaves your hair really conditioned. and if you look after it well, it lasts for a good few months. directions in particular has some gorgeous pinky reds :)

    1. oooo really.. thanks so much, that's going to be top of my list next time I dye my hair. thanks for the tip sweetie :) xx

  3. If you use a poor brand of "henna" then you cannot colour your hair with chemical hair dyes otherwise unpleasant and unwanted results may occur. Because it is a semi permanent hair dye it is very difficult to remove if you don't like the colour or it hasn't come out as you would have liked.

    henna hair dye


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