Thursday, November 27

An Interview with Sneaker Chains UK

I love fresh home-grown entrepreneurial talent. It's so inspiring to see great people go out of their comfort zone doing something they're passionate about. Whilst scanning Twitter recently I stumbled upon Sneaker Chains UK which is just one of those inspiring businesses. 

Sneaker Chains UK sells a range of slick key chains and air fresheners and have quickly amassed a 3000+ strong social media following. 

Jordan, the brains behind it all, was kind enough to send me the Air Max 90 Duck Camo which he designed and had produced himself! As you can see from my snaps it looks amazing, I was so impressed when I received it - retailing at £2.50 it's a must for any sneaker head... the perfect stocking filler! 

So, with a great product and a buzz growing fast around the brand I was eager to interview the genius behind it all and find out his ambitions for the future...

Can you tell us a little about yourself and where you're from? 

My names Jordan, I'm 19, I live in London but I'm originally from Blackpool.

What inspired you to start Sneaker chains uk and when did it all begin?

I was inspired to start sneaker chains uk due to being a huge trainer collector/fan for years and it just clicked that keyrings would be a great idea to match the trainers with a keyring on your keys.

What's your favourite product in your range and why? 

My favourite product is the Air Max 90 Duck Camo because I designed it and had it produced myself, Very chuffed with how it came out too.

You seem to have masters social media for your business. You've created a buzz on Twitter and have a strong following. Any tips for social media success? 

The only tips I can really offer are don't be afraid to put yourself out there, if you don't ask you don't get. It was a risk and it worked. 

Best business moment so far since starting up?

My best business moment since starting up has been meeting some of the nicest down to earth people. Business doesn't just bring in money, if you're nice about it you'll also develop a lot of friends.

What are your ambitions for your business in the future? 

My top ambitions for the future are first of all expanding my brand to selling a whole range of products and my dream would be to see my brand appear in one of the top high street stores such as Selfridges, Liberty London, Harvey Nichols or/& Harrods.

Watch out for Jordan as I have a feeling we'll be seeing more from him and Sneaker Chains UK in the future. 



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  1. I really like this interview style of post :) really interesting to hear about Jordan's business. Social media is such a good opportunity to get information out there!

    Heather x


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