Sunday, November 13

I took on the Love Your Mouth Challenge with GSK

Hi beauts,

So,  was contacted by GSK a little while back about their latest campaign to get us all to focus on our oral health. Not a particularly sexy topic I know but it really intrigued me, what with all the hype that goes on with teeth bleaching and whitening. I swear every other vlog or post is about how to get brilliantly white 'Hollywood' teeth. Yet whilst everyone is trying to make their smiles look stunning but aren't really focusing on what they should be... looking after the health of their teeth.

My teeth are naturally very white. They always have been and I guess I'm pretty lucky for that. So I've never had to or wanted to think about buying teeth whitening kits. However, with white teeth often comes weak teeth as my enamel isn't as strong...that, pairing with an embarrassingly sweet tooth has meant that I've had more fillings than hot dinners and had to have a root canal at Uni. Not a pleasurable experience I must say! 

So I do try to think about the health of my teeth and I think it is important that we all take some time to look after them.. they're the only set we've got! This is where the Love Your Mouth Challenge comes in. Firstly I answered their short Mouth Check survey which then used the answers I've given to recommend the right products for my mouth. 

My answers recommended I use Sensodyne ProNamel toothpaste and mouthwash so when they were sent to me in the post I started using them straight away. I've been using both for the past three weeks now and I'm pleased to be focusing more on my oral health.

The toothpaste is different from Colgate, my usual brand but I quite like the taste, it's nice to have a change. Hubby on the other hand isn't too keen on it and prefers the minty taste of Colgate - I think it depends on your preference! I like the mouthwash the most as its tinglingly refreshing but doesn't start to burn your mouth after 10 seconds like many if tried.

I think it's good to be using the right type of oral health products for my mouth and..... for my sugar-filled diet! 

Find out more about Oral Health advice at the Love your Mouth site. 



  1. I actually like the taste of sensodyne toothpaste and I had no idea that whiter teeth naturally means less enamel!

    Rosy | Sparkles of Light Blog

  2. Sounds great! I'd love to try that xoxo

  3. Look nice :)

    Maria V.


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