Friday, April 27

Accessorize nail wraps

Hi guys! Hope you're all well. Thought I'd show you my new favourite nail love... nail wraps. Yep, ok so I'm a bit late to the craze, my bestie bought me these metalic leopard print wraps for my Birthday last year and I just haven't had anything special enough to try them for. 

These ones are Accessorize Metalic nail wraps and come in a little thin pack shown in the photo above. You pull out the nail strips and are suppose to cut each strip exactly to your nail size. Finding this far too tricky for lil old me I just roughly cut and adjusted once on the nail. I managed to put on all these wraps in about the same time it takes to do two coats of nail polish, not too bad I thought. I did get lots of little bits of sticky left over though which I had to pick off my fingers and carpet! oops!

My verdict so far is Nail Wraps are fab! 
They are easy to put on, and will get easier with practice, they're pretty much big stickers for your nails. 
Keep an eye out for my YouTube video in a weeks time when I will be reviewing how long lasting they are :)

Love LauraClaire

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