Monday, July 9

Ruby & Millie Nail Polish Review

Good Morning girlies, Hope you've had a fabulous weekend :)

I spent Sunday shopping and eating three courses in the pub with my bestie... more on what I bought in the next few posts! So, onto nail polish... I always go for brights when it comes to polish but am always a little disapointed when it doesn't look as great as my nails as it does in the pot. Does that happen to anyone else? 

Last year I got this bright yellow polish from Ruby & Millie in the hopes that it would be brighter than bright. Ruby and Millie are a great brand and usually really good quality to my hopes were high. Sadly, this polish was a little bit of a let down, it took three coats to get to the opaque yellow below and even then I don't think it looks too fab. 

I've only worn this colour a few times because of it, I wanted the yellow to really pop but it's not strong enough for that. I haven't tried any other Ruby and Millie polishes and, as this was my first I don't think I will bother again. Does anyone have a different opinion? Should I be giving them a second chance? 


Love LauraClaire


  1. I have the same problem with nail varnishes. I'm more of a pastel colour girl, but have the same issue with them being too thin and needing several layers to get even close to the colour.

    If you're looking for bright, popping colours, you should try the Models Own HedKandi range. I love them! They're super bright and go on nice and easy.

    :) xxx

  2. How much is the nail varnish?


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