Thursday, May 24

A French Manicure Kit Worth Having

Heya Girlies <3

I got this Sally Hansen Hard as Nails French Manicure Kit in Sheerly Opal from my parents at Christmas and thought it would be a great product to blog about. After trying it out numerous times I can officially say.. It's the BEST manicure kit I've tried. A bold statement I know but let me explain. :)

Point 1. The main tag line of Sally Hansen nail polishes is 'Hard as Nails' and this is totally true. Usually with home painted frenches they chip and crack within just a few days but Sally's seem to last me nearly all week. I'm somebody who is rough and generally unloving to my nails too so I am impressed.

Point 2. The little kit has everything you need for salon quality nails. Sticky guides in curved and straight lines, white tip polish and pink polish. The white polish is applied first and is so easy to do with the strips. I was also pleased with the generous amount of strips provided which will last you well over 100 polishes if you were careful.

Point 3. As simple as it is, the white nail polish consistancy is perfect. It's sticky and thick and means you're not putting coat after coat of the stuff on. In contrast to that the pink polish is thin and shimmery and makes your nails look shimmery pink but still natural.

Point 4. People have asked me if I've had a salon manicure. Yep, the final point has to be the compliments I've recieved of course! I've had lots of girls ask where I had my nails done and all look back dumbstruck with disbelief when i've told them I can actually paint french nails (on both hands) with a straight white line. Big thumbs up there!

I actually had a compliment today about 'where I had my nails done?' which inspired this post :)

Love LC

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