Friday, May 25

The Perfect Summer Blusher

The perfect summer blusher for me has got to be Coralista from the amazing Benefit.

The colour is very subtle, especially on my skin tone. I don't like to put too much blusher on during hot Summer days because my cheeks get fairly pink of their own accord!

The blush colour looks much lighter and pinker than in the photo. That's why I like Coralista, it's sheer and shimmer highlights my cheeks and the pretty pink tone is 'barely there' visible for me.

As always the packaging is gorgeous and the Applicator brush good quality and soft. I use it for contouring because of its flat shape.

This is always my summer blusher of choice, and as you can see from the photo below, it's already had a fair bit of use!

Love LauraClaire

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