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Tan Battle: Sponge Application

Model Co. Sun Sponge: £34.00

Website Description Reads:
"The revolutionary SUNSPONGE CUSTOM SELF TAN, the first ever ergonomically designed self tan applicator with a high-performance formula delivering your own customized tan with built in bronzer.

The formula adjusts to each individual’s skin tone, activating a deep, natural-looking tan that lasts for days. The tinted, lightweight formula delivers an instant, sheer bronze glow, for a streak-free application, while the self-tanner develops & intensifies, leaving you with your richest, longest-lasting tan yet. Enriched with Fructiplex™, helps to combat the drying effects of the DHA tanning agent & nourishes, soothes & protects your skin with the moisturising benefits of Wild Rose Hip, Apricot & Palm Tree Extract."

When I found this tan from Model Cosmetics I squeeled (inside) because I'd never seen a tan that was specially designed like this. A fake tan that has its own sponge applicator. The possibilities were endless to me: no more orange palms, a dark gorgeous tan, a applicator that would make it easy to tan your entire body! It was tanning excitement round my flat, ask my boyf. hehe

I think the idea is great. The plastic is shaped so it's easy to hold and comes with a neat little sponge cover so your sorted! However, I wouldn't recommend leaving the tan on its side like I have. As you can see from the photo it began to leak at the plastic seam which was a bit annoying. It does stand up alright though so when stood upright it is fine.  

The tan liquid is very light weight like the description says and lighter colour than most fake tans. It's quite water and when rubbed on gives a thin layer of colour. The sponge head was more difficult to use than I initially thought. The tan can only be successfuly applied when the bottle is upside down allowing the tan to flow into the sponge. Tanning my legs was fine but I found it tricky to tan my arms as I naturally kept the applicator upright.

It's a perfect tan for girls looking for a tan that looks natural on your skin. I think this would benefit somebody with fairer skin as the formula would adjust to their skin tone instead of just plastering them bronze. As my skin is more olive I didn't think the tan gave me enough bronze. Though maybe I'm just so used to looking absolutely 'baked' that I didn't like the fact that the tan looked real huh!

A good natural looking tan 7/10


Creightons Bronze Ambition: Bronze me mousse £2.99

Website Description Reads:
"An instant tanning mousse which creates an instant tan in seconds, which then grandually developes into a natural looking tan.  Specially formulated with Aloe Vera to keep your skin moisturised, our non-streak formula dries quickly spreading easily across the skin for an even tan coverage"

So, I've chosen two very different sponge applicator tans. One a high end, high priced tan and this one a steal at just £2.99! (tanning glove from Primark) But the question is... does it work?

I can answer that in two words... It's amazaballs! It's sold out on the website which I think says it all. I love this tan, I use it every week without fail, It's the tan I grab and apply quickly and don't worry about how much I rub on because it's just so cheap! The colour is intense though, As you can see from the photos the mousse is bronzed big time but that's good for me :) It's a good tan colour, not orange toned. 

It's downfalls are that is takes a while to dry, and after 10 minutes I'm bored of flapping my arms around and have started getting dress and it's still sticky. The colour you get is immediate which I love but if you wash your hands or get water on yourself anywhere it leaves the area with pale water spots (so no perfume then!). I do tend to paint the tan on thick though so I think if you were more careful this problem would not be so distinct. But, with those downfalls in mind, the colour is good and price is great and overall is a great little everyday-use tan. 

Fab tan for the price: 8/10

Tried either of these tans before? Let me know your thoughts!

Love LauraClaire

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