Sunday, June 3

Dixi's Vintage Short Shorts

Hi girlies! Hope you're having a fab long weekend and watching the Jubilee on TV or even better LIVE... I watched half an hours worth around my nana's with her. I've spent the morning baking and making my nana's secret indian curry recipe so went around the suprise her :)

A couple of days ago Dixi put out a little tweet in tweetworld about their new vintage and festival inspired range and me being nosy wanted a sneak peak. They sent a mix of lovely goodies including a selection of rings from today's launch "Treasures" with 50+ unique rings, necklaces and bracelets, but what caught my eye were short shorts! Sadly the sun has gone away today and we've got drizzle but all this week it's been glorious so I NEEDED to do a shorts post!

Shorts pretty much rock I think and are perfect for festivals. I'm going down to Bournemouth Summer Ball next Saturday (anyone else going?!?!!) and I can't wait, It'll be shorts on the road trip down for sure. In particular, I'm loving their Finola Soft Leather Festival shorts which look pretty high waisted to me. You can't got wrong with a pair of high waisted shorts, a baggy print top and flowers in your hair at a fesitval.

Bournemouth Summer Ball.... Here I come! <3

Love LC

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