Monday, June 4

My signature eyeshadow colour

Since I was about 15 my signature eyeshadow colour has been gold. My first golden eyeshadow was an amazaballs urban decay one that I literally used every last bit of. Don't you think that's so rare? I never finish eyeshadows, EVER! Do you? or is it just me? meh anyways, so gold is my thing. Not sure why. I have kinda olive skin and my eyes are hazel so I guess gold just suits. 

I got the MAC eyeshadow a couple of months ago to add to my vast collection of golden shadows but thought I'd blog about because it's one of the few subtle eye shadow colours that I get compliments from. Even from my boyf and half the time he doesn't even realise I'm wearing makeup, aww love him. 

The colour is MAC Amber Lights Frost and as with MAC is pigment is exactly the same on your eyelids as it comes in the pot. That's what I do love about MAC, if you see a colour you know that that's the same colour you'll get when you apply it. This colour is uber shimmery and a real warm deep gold. I like to apply it to the whole of my eyelid and then use a thin brush to paint underneath my lower lid too. Because the colour is so intense it looks great! 

Anyone else rocking shimmery golds?

What's your go-to eyeshadow colour?

Love LC

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  1. That mac shade is lovely. I have fallen in love with the gold in the Naked 2 pallette, but I don't find the colour very intense. Might have to get one of these.

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