Thursday, July 5

Easy PigTail Plaits with a Twist

Morning lovelies <3

As part of my 'beautiful hair in 4 easy steps' collection I've created another look for you. This hair style is very 'Heidi' I think but cute for summer festivals - especially WET summer festivals (sigh!). It's a style my mum used to do for me when I was a tot. I had such long thick hair that I think the plaits were the only safe way to know I wouldn't come home with a hair full of leaves and knots.

So, this is how I did it!
Step 1. Plait your hair loosely in two pigtails.
Step 2. Fold each plait around the back of your head, pinning with grips as you go.
Step 3. Pin down hair ends flat at the top of your head and style parting and fringe as desired.
Step 4. Spray with strong hold hair spray and add in pretty flowers, glittery clips for a Boho feel. 

It took me less than five minutes to do and the great thing about this style is it doesn't need to look perfect- strands of hair out of place all the better :)

Love LC

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  1. Love this do! I need to try it because Ive had all my hair cut off! May be a challenge x


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