Tuesday, August 14

7 day Challenge for Clean&Clear

In a previous post I blogged about my disappointment with Witch blemish stick, though a lovely fellow blogger commented on how great she found the product. It made me ponder about our different opinions and finally decide that I would venture out to find a blemish control product as good for me as Witch Stick was for her.

I chose Clean and Clear to try first. I decided to use both their spot treatment gel and their Dual Action Oil Free moisturising cream for full blemish coverage. I gave the products 7 days, with consistent use as per the instructions, to give visible results.

Look, Feel and Application
Clean and Clear have been around for ages and have a good rep I think. They’re packaging isn’t cute or girlie; its blues and silver tones say this is a serious product which I hoped would provide serious results! Both the gel and moisturiser are lovely and smooth to apply, odourless and fab for sensitive skin. They give a tingly fresh feeling on application.

Day 4 Results
After day 4 I had most definitely noticed a change. Boyf had even commented too which is a good sign. My skin wasn’t half as blotchy and, because I was conscious of helping my blemishes clear up I made a point of not touching my face. This made me realise how much I touch my face at work! I’d also not had any other break outs which I think was key. The precision gel was dealing with the current blemishes whilst the moisturiser kept new ones at bay.

Day 7 Results
After seven days my skin had actually started to slip back and I had a couple of blemishes coming through. However, overall I was shocked at how fast I had noticed results. I think using the moisturiser and gel treatment together really helped and my skin was benefiting. 

Since the 7 days have ended I've kept using both Clean&Clear products and I've noticed my skin has been consistantly clearer. I'd definitely recommend Clean&Clear products in the future.

Love LC

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