Thursday, August 9

Review: Eyeko Fat Balm

When I was about 13-14 I remember being bought a Eyeko lip stain pen way before lip stains became wide spread. I’d never seen anything like it before back then and was pleased as punch with my pretty little pink pen. The pen didn’t dry out and lasted an amazingly long time (I remember using it on and off at 17! Maybe I should just chuck things away huh?!) so I have a fond memory of Eyeko products.

I’d been looking for a dual purpose tint balm for a while, and had been browsing No7’s counter initially. Though when I saw Eyeko where offering just the same thing but with ways cuter packaging I was sold <3

But why oh Why do you have to throw packaging away? It’s often one of the best bits about buying makeup and with Eyeko it’s the same. The little box is gorgeous and girly. I don’t mind the product casing, not quite as cute though. Grey is a bit of a let down. I expected something as brightly coloured and bold as the packaging around it.

The colour is called Raspberry Fat Balm and is a classic deep dark red. I wasn’t initially drawn to this colour but as I plan to use this on both my cheeks and lips it’s perfect. It smells of raspberries too, really yummy bubblegum sort of smell. I was suprised thought that it's alot less pigmented than it looks. When on my lips and cheeks it slides on extra smooth and is very creamy and perfect to blend in. The colour is subtle but noticable on both lips and cheeks and complimentary to my skin tone. Because of that it's extra moisturizing on lips and really works as a tinted lip balm. 

I give this product a big thumbs up. I love it because it's great for carrying around in your handbag and does the job of two products all rolled in to one! 

Love LC

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