Tuesday, December 18

Make your own Cosmetics Palette

Hi Sweets

I little while ago I was uber jel of all the youtube girls making AMAZING palettes for their make up. I took a little look around my vast cosmetics draw and dug out a totally unused Virgin Vie Lip Palette. 

By cutting out the plastic middle section of it I was able to use the magnetic sheet at the bottom of it for my own eyeshadows, powders and blushers. 

To depot all my make up I used a candle to melt the glue that sticks most eyeshadows and powders to their cases. Check out my video on how I did it below <3



 p.s. I swear I'm not obessed with Ty beanie babies... they were the only stickers I had!! lol

Thursday, December 13

Style Snap Shot

Top: Miss Selfridge
High Waisted Trousers: New Look
Shoes: Office
Ring: Dorothy Perkins
Necklace: Tatty Devine



Wednesday, December 12

My Accessorize Winter Hat

Fur Hat: £18.00

Heya <3 

Quick silly little post I know. But just want to say. I love my new winter hat! It's a beige cable knit hood with furry ears and bobble tassles. Perfect Christmas wear.

Boyfriend bought it for me. EEEkk love cute hats! 



Tuesday, December 11

Kenneth Cole Boxing Day Satchel

Heys Girls, 

Last weekend I treated myself to a new bag. I've been looking for a new handbag for a few months now and had my heart set on a Mulberry.. bit scary as I was lacking the £700+ to buy one! 

So was pleased when I fell in LOVE with this Kenneth Cole New York Boxing Day Satchel when in House of Fraser. It was in the sale for £130 so a lot cheaper than a Mulberry but, in my opinion, just as pretty!

There were three colours to choose from, a black suede, beige and the beautiful deep plum colour I chose <3 I did like the beige too but thought it wouldn't last a second before I got it all dirty. 

What I like most is the ombre effect as the suede turns to patent leather. It's a really good quality bag... very pleased indeed! 

What do you think?



Monday, December 10

The ultimate illustrator: Miss Led

Heya lovelies,

So the other day the extra amazing live painter and illustrator Miss Led (whose work I've been in awe of since she sprung onto the scene about four years I think) drew a little sketch for me... how brilliant is that??! In return, I thought the least I could do was give her a shout out on LuckyPretty.

She lives and works in London so I'm representing a fellow Londoner in this post <3 Her clients are as impressive as her work and include the likes of Ted Baker, Selfridges, Diesel and Nike.

What I love about her work is it's so clean, crisp and precise yet flirty, playful and whimsical. She can really capture something special in her portraits don't you think?

So please please please check out her website at missled.co.uk and support amazing home-grown talent :)



Sunday, December 9

Christmas Give-away!

Little Christmas GiveAway

As it's Christmas I think it's a great time to do my very first giveaway. Spread a bit of joy to all you lovelies out there and hopefully give a little treat to my readers <3 

I've got 4 sets of super cute pink flower earrings to give away. Each winner will recieve two pairs of earrings and I'm giving you four chances to win!

1. You must be a GFC follower of my blog to enter the giveaway
2. Simply comment on this post telling me what's on your wishlist this Christmas
3: Leave your email address or twitter name in the post so I can contact you if you win!

Ends 20th December 2012

Good Luck!


Dorothy Perkins Shoe Haul

OMG I love shoes and I've been absolutely loving Dorothy Perkins at the moment. I've bought a number of really great buys from them recently. Their new stuff is really cute I think, what about you?

I was in need of some smart black flats for work but ended up getting these lace loafer style slip-ons instead. I think they are alot prettier and eye-catching but still smart enough for the office. (I hope!) Love the cute bows too!

I've also been wearing heels more often and trying not to slouch around too much in my Bearpaw boots and look scruffy- so I bought these gorgeous tan heels. They're the perfect height, just higher than kitten heels (I HATE kitten heels: eww) and with a padded sole so they're extra comfy.

Shoes or handbags? What's your obession? hehe



Saturday, December 8

HAUL: Dorothy Perkins, River Island and Babyliss

Hi Lovelies!

Hope you're enjoying the weekend :)

As it's nearly Christmas I've been treating myself ways too much! I went out on a little present-finding trip and came back with more goodies for myself than for anyone else... oops!

What I bought was a golden shimmery 3/4 length peplum top and some black Eden jean leggings from Dorothy Perkins. I'm in LOVE with DottyP's Eden Leggings. They are super soft and soo comfy. Bestie introduced me to em.

I also got yet another peplum from River Island. It cost £25. I liked it because of its long sleeves and pannelled tweed front and back. Peplum obsessed I know: Check out my other peplum tops at my Youtube Channel.

I also ordered a Babyliss Pro 38mm large barrelled curling iron which came through the post at the same time.. eekk! so much new stuff! Check out my Youtube video of my initial thoughts on the curling iron.

What have you bought recently? Please send me links to your haul posts below!!



Friday, December 7

Ahoy Sailor! Tatty Devine Anchor Necklace

Heya Sweets,

If you've read my Tatty Devine Collection Post you'll know I have a little obession with Tatty Devine's amazing jewellery. Tatty Devine is a home grown London-based company set up in 1999. Their jewellery is hand-made in their workshops.

I treated myself to this gorgeous Anchor necklace a couple of days ago and it's just arrived! I love the cute packaging too- good packaging always makes things extra special. The anchor is made of bright baby blue acrylic and the single loop from tortoiseshell acrylic.

It's arrived at the perfect time as I'm off down to the seaside for a spa weekend with Boyf. Oh, I do like to be beside the seaside! yaay!

You can find this necklace at the Tatty Devine website for £12. Bargain!



Wednesday, December 5

Garnier Fiery Red 6.60: 6 months after Dying

Back in May I posted about dying my dark hair red using Garnier's Fiery Red 6.60 Hair Dye.

garnier fiery red 6/60 hair dye review


garnier fiery red 6.60 before and after post

I had so much interest from all of you about using the hair dye (the colour it gave me on my dark hair and the like) that I thought it would be useful to write a quick follow up post about how the dye has washed out and how it's left my hair looking after 6 months. 

2 months after hair dye

As you can see, 2 months after dying my hair I had mega roots :( My hair was still pretty bright red but it had already begun to fade into an auburn colour.  I used conditioner masks to keep my hair moisture filled as the peroxide in the dye hair stripped my hair of its natural oils.

 4 months after hair dye

4 months after dying the colour continued to changed. So much so, that after every wash my hair lightened or changed slightly. People often complimented me on my new colour changing asking if I had redyed my hair. This was nice as, despite now longer being bright red, my hair was changing to pretty colours all the same. To combat the roots issue I was having before I used a product called Sun In spray. It's my saving grace! It's a sun/heat hair lightening spray which you can pick up from Boots or Superdrug. I sprayed it onto my hair before drying. It works by lightening the hair and made the roots less noticable.

6 months after hair dye

This photo was taken in October, 6 months after dying my dark brown hair red. As you can see the top of my hair is very dark - my natural colour. The ends have become very light and a mixture of different tones. I like the effect as ombre hair is in fashion at the moment so I'm happy! My hair is still not the same as it once was in terms of brittleness and condition - this is inevitable I guess. However, I use conditioner every time I wash my hair, use a serum on my roots and a heat protector spray when blow drying: this helps to keep up the condition :)



Tuesday, December 4

Nominated for the Leibster Award

Hi lovely girlies,

I had a lovely suprise the other day! The gorgeous beauty over at alittlebitunique.blogspot.co.uk has nominated me for the prized Leibster Award. Put a big smile on my face :)

What’s a Liebster Award you ask? Liebster is a German word meaning dearest, and the award is given to up-and-coming bloggers with less than 200 followers who deserve some recognition.

Leibster Award Rules
1) Post 11 Random Facts about Yourself
2) Answer the 11 Questions Asked by Your Nominator
3) Create 11 Questions for whoever you Choose to Nominate
3) Choose 11 Blogs to Nominate with less than 200 followers

11 Facts about me
1. My favourite colour is red.
2. My favourite animal is a Black Panther because of a story my dad used to tell me when I was a little girl.
3. I used to have my tongue pierced which I kept a secret from my dad for over a year...
4. He found out about said tongue piercing on Fathers Day. EEKK!
5. I have a degree in English Language from Lancaster University.
6. I have a real phobia of the sound of people brushing their teeth. It makes me skin crawl.
7. I used to be an Air Cadet. Yes Sir, No Sir! Geek hehe
8. I work in Marketing <3
9. I'm an only child. Yep, pretty spoilt!
10. My favourite high street brand right now is Miss Selfridge.
11. I have a small obsession with ice pops and have atleast one a day. My freezer is always well stocked!

11 questions from Alittlebitunique
1) What made you set up your blog?
I'm a big reader of blogs and always spend my lunch breaks flicking through them. After being a fan of other blogs for so long I finally thought it time to create my own. :)

2) Favourite blog posts to write/read?
I enjoy doing product reviews and lookbooks the most I think. I love reading posts with lots of product images and useful tutorials.

3) When are you happiest?
I'm happiest when I'm doing simple day to day things like having a relaxing soak in the bath, snuggled up on the sofa with my boyf or with family and friends. I'm very big on family so any time we all get together I'm very happy!

4) If you could do anything for the rest of your life, what would it be?
ooo that's a tricky one! Well, I think if I could do anything for the rest of my life it would be to move out to the countryside, perhaps near the sea and set up a little shabby chic craft shop all of my own. I'd live in a cute little cottage with boyf and be happy for ever!

5) Top five celebrities to have a night out with?

eeek I'm not actually that big on the whole Celeb thing. I suppose maybe Busted! ahh, does anyone remember them? I was in love with them through my teens, so that might be fun. That's only three though... hmm so then Channing Tatum and Taylor Lautner!! Just for the eye candy! lol realise I've only picked men here for my night out... oh dear! haha

6) Night in or Night out?
Night in now. So borring!

7) Best piece of blogging advice?

Schedule schedule schedule. Schedule tweets with Twuffer, schedule posts for the week on blogger and have a little plan of uncoming post ideas.

8) If you had £1 million, what would you spend it on?

Ah this one I've thought about numerous times and pretty much know exactly what I would do with it. I would buy a property outright. Treat myself a boyf to an insane cruise around the world and then invest the rest... saving for a rainy day and all that!

9) Summer or Winter? Why?

It's got to be Winter!! hats, gloves, scarfs and cute jumpers... plus it's CHRISTMAS!!!

10) What type of music do you like?

I like a bit of everything really, except I can't take too much 80's tunes.. they drive me mad with overkill! grrr! I want Rihanna's new album for Christmas atm.

11) Favourite all time fashion trend?
Peplums!! Totes in LOVE!

11 Blogs I nominate 


11 Questions for my Nominated Bloggers
1. What's your favourite food?
2. What are your wearing this Winter? 
3. What's the worst fashion Faux Pas you've made?
4. Who do you most admire?
5. What's your favourite time of year?
6. Fake lashes or fake tan?
7. When did you start your blog?
8. Why did you start blogging?
9. Favourite nail polish colours at the moment?
10. Who've you got a crush on at the moment in the celeb world?
11. Who's your style crush?         



Saturday, December 1

The 'BF' Christmas Wish List


Benefit 'They're Real' Mascara

Neom candle

Joy.com hot water bottle with a cute case

Eyelure super fix false eyelash adhesive and lash applicator tool

Rhianna's new album: unapologetic

retro fridge magnets - joy.com

Contour palette 

a Glossy Box subscription

KMS sea salt hair spray

accessorize animal socks

Pinch Punch first day of the month girlies! Happy Advent to all! 

As a little advent celebration I've done another Christmas wish list just for my lovely boyf! We've been deliberating about what to get each other for Christmas this year, how much to spend etc. We both decided that we would write each other an ideas list... and this is mine! <3 

What ideas have you been giving your fellas? 

My hot water bottle literally melted apart a month ago so a cute hot water bottle and cover is top on the list. I'd also love some pretty smelling candles, we always burn candles in our flat. I find it so relaxing to have candles burning in a room.  

After reviewing Neom's gift set I fell in love with their great quality products and gorgeous scents so a Neom candle would be a real treat. However, at the price I might be a bit too afraid to burn the candle! So, any lovely smelling candle would be fab :) 

Like any girl, pretty much any cosmetics from MAC or Benefit will make me happy! and I'm a big Rhianna fan so her new album is a must-have for my car :) 

What are your plans for his Xmas pressie? Hints and Tips needed!! 


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