Saturday, January 5

MAC Lipstick Haul: Diva and Morange

Colour: Diva (Matte)

Colour: Morange (amplified)

Hi lovies, 

Aggesss ago I went out on a hunt in MAC for lipsticks.. no big suprise there I know! I saw the Diva colour on the make up artist in store and thought 'I need that colour in my life!'. She had quite a dark skin tone and the colour look gorgeously deep and warm. Diva is quite an intense dark colour when not applied which I would never have even thought to pick out so it was great I saw it being worn. 

However, I love it! I've been using it constantly and it's my new winter lipstick.The only downside of having a matte lipstick is it can isn't the smoothest to apply and can dry out my lips if they're not well moisturized.

Morange I spotted afterwards and got on a whim without even trying on. It's beautifully creamy and glossy. The bright pop of red has a lovely orange colour to it.. just as it's name suggests. I use it on nights out mostly but will occasionally use it during the day. Again, a favourite this winter.



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  1. Morange looks amazing, cant beat a MAC lipstick!!



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