Tuesday, January 8

Loreal Revita Lift Moisturiser Review

Hi chickies

Hope the January blues aren't kicking in too bad? Not too long till payday right?! eek!

I love a gimmick and so was kinda sold when I saw Loreal's Rivita Lift Pro Contouring System moisturiser. It boasts dual action treatment; massage and concentrated care. It even claims to show noticable results within a week... a big claim to stake in writing in my opinion. However, the best bit is obviously the strange and painful looking massage tool.. that was what sold it for me! I get aggrevated with big bold and stupid claims with products.

Firstly you use the massager in an upwards motion on your cheek bones, forehead and neck. It feel quite nice I suppose but nothing splendid. Next the pump gives you two different lotions to apply. One is cream coloured whilst the other is a clear gel. I'm not sure which one does what but one has Pro Retinol A which it apparently proven to fight wrinkles. Using two creams does seem fairly luxurious but the bottle doesn't give you much moisturiser and this bottle ran out far too quickly for me.

After a Week's Testing...
Well, I tested the product for a whole week and sadly I can't really claim that my skin is fair more tones than it was before nor are the contours of my face more defined. My wrinkles do appear less visible.. however that might be due to the lack of them in the first place hehe. OK jokes aside, it's a fun product, it works and does moisturise well but I wouldn't say it does all it claims. Bit of a gimmick but, like all L'oreal products, you know you're getting a good quality moisturiser all the same.

Overall a 5/10




  1. I just prefer applying a moisturizer on its own with a cotton pad, not a massive fan of this or the clarisonic or any of the other skin care gadgets! Great review though :(



    1. I agree. Lets keep it simple hehe xx LC


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